Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trying To Rise Above...And Failing

Usually I'm a huge fan of doing what you want.

I think that as long as you understand how you are making the stitches and what they do, there is no wrong way to knit or crochet.  If you love the results then keep on with your bad self.

And I don't judge what other people knit/crochet.

I was once at a knitting group where they spoke passionately about the pointlessness of knitting socks when you live in the desert.  It was a waste of time, money, and resources they clucked to one another.  Plus, brightly colored sock yarn is ugly.

And there I sat, about a foot from them.

Contently knitting a brightly colored sock.


I don't knit with them anymore.  We have basic philosophical differences in our approach to knitting.

Knit what you want.  You want to spend your entire creative career making nothing but dish cloths?  Fantastic!  Fair isle sweaters covered with ejaculating penises (penisi?).  Not my thing but what ever.  And yes, that is a real thing.  Want to knit solely is blue?  Whatever works.

Don't want to knit?  Fine.  Don't knit if it will make you unhappy.  Paint, write, sculpt, do wood working, garden.  There are so many other ways to create.  Just find a happy place.

But my Bird.

My Beautiful Bird.

She tests my resolve to be non judgmental and supportive of other crafters.

She spends hours taking a ball of yarn and turning it into a ball of crocheted chain.

That's it.

That's all she does.

And when she has crocheted an entire skein of yarn, she asks me to buy her a new one.

So she can make another chain.

She has no desire to do anything else but this.  She has no idea what anyone should do with the crochet chain.  She has suggested that maybe I should knit it into something.  But she has no interest in learning to knit her crochet chain into something.  She only wants to crochet the chain.  What happens after that is of no concern to her.

For the love of all that is good could she learn to make something useful like a dish cloth!

But I can't say that to her.  Because she is so happy making her crocheted chains.  It is her happy place.

And I don't judge what other crafters make.

So I buy her another skein of Red Heart.

And I judge her just a little bit.

But I feel totally guilty for it.

So it all balances out.

In other crochet news

I just might get all the not-hand-knit bunny slippers done in time for Easter after all!


katie metzroth said...

When I first learned to crochet, I made long chains (and ribbons of sc, dc, and tc) to practice my tension. I used red and green yarn and later used them as ribbons on Christmas gifts. They were surprisingly popular with the giftees.

Tam said...

I like the idea of knitting her chains into something. I think it would make a nice yarn base. :-) Whatever makes her happy. Until she starts asking for Cashmere. I'd draw the line there.

OMG. I can NOT believe that sweater you linked to is really "a thing". I try not to judge other people's tasteless knitting patterns but, sorry, that is just stupid and vulgar.

Chrisknits said...

Hang it about her room and she can hang charms, beads, earrings, other stuff from it. Voila, it's a bunting! I did the same thing as a child. Eventually I wanted to go on from there, she will too. Oh, and I am a very judgmental knitter, but I keep it to myself, or share it with my very closest knitting friend. I won't say what I judge here because I do not want to upset anyone. Sorry, it's just not in me to be virtuous. LOL!

Tactless Wonder said...

Any chance you can get her a bigger hook and have her chain crochet her chain? And then again, and then again until it is fat enough to pretend to be a pot holder?

Just a thought.

geeky Heather said...

Teach her to crochet the base cord for Romanian point lace cord and then you can sell it! (Or, you know, send it to me. ;)