Thursday, March 28, 2013

To Procrastinate or Not to Procrastinate...

First let's give a little update on Bird.

Her scab on her right knee is "Venus."  The scab on her left knee is larger, so it is "Mars."  And the tiny boo-boo on her elbow is "Pluto."  

I think she's going to make a full recovery.

Despite all my innate procrastination tendencies, I have actually pinned my pretty pretty butterfly shawl to block.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  That may be the worst picture I have ever displayed on my blog.  I fully intend to get out my tripod and take better pictures of my shawl.  Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.  Or next Monday.  Or sometime in the near future, the exact time to be determined at a later date.

Procrastination Rules!

I have finished Pork Chop's green hat.

It is awesome.  If I hadn't already told her this hat was for her, I would probably keep this hat for myself.  Only I can't wear hats, because if my  head gets too hot I get migraines (I know, crazy stupid.  How can a knitter not be able to wear hats?  What have I done to deserve such bad karma.  I must have killed kittens for fun in a previous life.).  Pork Chop is not yet home from school.  Otherwise I would display the magnificence that is this hat on her pretty pretty head.  But she isn't here.  So I can't do that.  I will get better pictures sometime in the near future, the exact time to be determined at a later date.


Procrastinators Unite!

Only I can procrastinate no longer. 

Easter looms.

And if I want to fill Easter Baskets with genuine not-hand-knit bunny slippers

I need to get hooking.

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Cathy said...

Procrastination is my middle name and my children have their due share of inheritance ;) ... Looks like Bird will be losing her planets soon and from where I'm sitting your pretty pretty butterfly is 80 inches long :P