Monday, March 25, 2013


My butterflies dance and grow.

You can't tell, because it is unblocked.

But someday those lumpy misshapen holes will be beautiful butterflies.  That is the magic of blocking.

The bunny slippers are lost in the abyss.  Half crocheted.  Missing ears.  And tails.  And faces.  I'm sure they feel unloved with the way they were unceremoniously stuffed in a bag and shoved into the closet.

At least they have each other.

In other fun news, I bought new yarn today.

I'm a big spender buying $1 yarn at Big Lots.

I don't normally go for the novelty yarn, but I'm super excited for the pom yarn.

I think it will make a cute scarf for Sweet Pea to wear to school next year.

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