Saturday, March 09, 2013

Adventures in Migraines

I don't like to say it, because I'm really superstitious and I'm pretty sure I'll jinx myself if I even think it, but I've mostly got my migraines under control.

For the moment.

Except for the weather.

I can't control the weather.

But the weather likes to control me.

suck monkey.

Crazy storm fronts, violent changes in temperature, sudden drops in barometric pressure, they all mess with me.

And I had all three of those things yesterday.


Suck monkey!

I tried to knit my crazy hard super secret color work.  I didn't want to, but I kinda had to.  My deadline is looming.

Sitting on my couch with an ice pack, I worked for four hours to knit two inches.

Then I discovered my stitch count was off.


I couldn't find where I went wrong with all the decreases and the color changes.

So I spend another half hour carefully frogging my four hours worth of work.

I began anew.

I spent an hour tediously knitting five rows.

I checked the stitch count after each and every row to be sure I was on track.  And I was.  Everything was a go!

Then I realized I was using the wrong colors.


At that point I gave up.

I wrote myself a post it note of what was wrong (so I wouldn't accidentally just pick it up and start knitting.  That has been known to happen).

I fed the kids root beer popsicles for dinner and let them stay up past their bedtime watching "Wreck it Ralph."  (Oh, Kenneth the Page and Sue Sylvester.  This NEEDS to happen in real life.  Do you hear me Glee?)

I started a new project because I needed one that required absolutely  no brain power what so ever.

A stripey scarf, knit flat to avoid dealing with the color jog.

I loves it.

Still feeling the pain today, but there is no rest for the weary, and this is SPRING BREAK!

Is it even worth it to try using my brain today?


Michelle said...

Migraines that hinge on the weather?! That's just brutally unfair. Getting them from stress and hormones and lack of sleep is bad enough. I hope you're feeling better, and stay feeling better for a respectable chunk of time. Like forever.

Andria said...

I am absolutely the same with headaches and weather!! Here I was thinking I was alone. I also set down knitting projects I've messed up and then start knitting them again, so I post it is in my future. Glad you started another project, it makes things better!

Cathy said...

Oh I do hope you're feeling better from the migraine, know how your feel! Love love love your post, if I could write such a beautiful poem with a migraine and all that has happened I'd feel really proud. Your scarf is a good choice, the stripes look very cheery :)