Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Let's face it.

I am a kick-ass knitter.

My blog is much less interesting these days because I simply do not have the knitting disasters I suffered as a new knitter.  No more tales of dropped lace stitches, wrong needle sizes, small children who frog a perfectly good project simply because they can.

I now possess a hard won knowledge of gauge and how to use it.  I understand the different yarn weights.  Drape, yarn overs, increases, decreases, stranded knitting, intarsia, cables, I can do it all!

I am knitter, hear me ROAR!

Proper ease in a garment?

*hangs head in shame* I'm still working on that one.

Nobody's perfect.

Overall, I am an excellent, talented knitter.

But always.

Every time.


When  a family member/friend/person I know at church/stranger I just met at the library says "Hey, I saw this very cute knitted thing, do you think you could make one for me?"

That cute knitted thing?

It is crochet.


Every time.


Don't get me wrong.

There is nothing wrong/bad/inferior about crochet.

I can crochet.  I am very comfortable holding a crochet needle.  While I knit with the yarn in my right hand, I am just fine holding the yarn in my left hand to crochet.  I can maintain good tension with even stitches.  I can even translate that hard won knowledge of gauge as it applies to crochet.

I just don't.

And since I never use it, I don't keep a working knowledge of the crochet stitches in an easily accessible part of my brain.  I always have to look up how many yarn overs make a dc vs hdc vs a tr vs a tsp (I'm not even sure that last one is a real thing, it might be a cooking measurement).  And if I don't look it up I invariably get it wrong and end up with a hat that was dc when it should have been hdc and instead of fitting a newborn, it is now slightly large on my five year old.

Why do I bring this up?

Because Souper Seekrit baby knitting is hooking it today.

The things I do for the people I love.

I'm an amateur hooker.

My Father will be so proud!


Tam said...

How ironic that everyone asks you for crocheted stuff. I am an old hooker from way back (my mom is proud, she is the one who taught me). ha When people ask me to make them something it is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS very fine gauge KNITTING. Because I've been doing it longer and have gotten good at it, I can crochet a baby blanket in about 4 hours. On the other hand, I have knit baby blankets in my "abyss" whose intended recipients are in high school. People do usually mistake knit for crochet and vice versa. True that. They just pick whichever one is the most impossible and ask for that.

erin said...

that has happened to me so many times too! I don't mind crocheting (I am a novice, but I enjoy it still!) but you're right - it's funny how to us it is so different and to non-crafty folk it's the exact same thing!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

I've only been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and I find it HI-larious!! I wish I was so snappy or witty...(not sure I've left a comment before)....and I consider myself a novice knitter (less than 2 years) but crochet, man I can finish things in a couple hours with my crochet HOOK (not needle ;))