Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Sometimes it simply does not pay to do a good job and be good at your job.  Because if you do too good a job watering the plants

Somebody might decide that we need more plants to water.

In all actuality it is a good thing that we bought more strawberry plants.  The children have been circling the strawberry plants like a kettle of vultures.  Each day they check to see if there is a ripe berry.  They have devised a rotating order in which they eat the ripe berries.  The next berry belongs to Pork Chop.  We need more strawberry plants if we ever hope to have enough ripe strawberries at one time to make strawberry shortcake.  Or strawberry pie.

But seriously, that is a lot of watering. I might need to start singing as I flit from plant to plant like an aging disney princess.  Just so I don't get bored.

Speaking of the children, Bird took a header off her scooter today on the way home from school.  She has road rash on both knees and an elbow.  There were many tears.  Her wounds were cleaned, disinfected and sprayed with a numbing spray.

Still she cried.

For an hour she cried.

Sniffling over her homework, it was very sad and pathetic.

It wounded my heart so to hear my baby cry and see her big fat tears rolling down her face.  Unable to stand for another minute, I lovingly told her that it was time to suck it up.  We had tended to the wounds.  I know they didn't hurt anymore because, remember, the numbing spray.  She has no cause to weep.  Yes, she took a terrible tumble, but tears weren't making it better.  She needed to find another way to cope with her trauma.

She decided her wound looks like Venus, and now she loves it and hopes it never ever ever heals.


Go figure.

Ummmm, what to blog now?

How about some knitting!

I have finished my pretty pretty butterfly shawl.

It is taking a bath before blocking.

Blocking bowl pictures are so boring.  I really should have included the zombies in the picture.  But they were looking a bit peckish, so I decided to leave well enough alone.

It is shorter than I had hoped.  Only 14 inches.  And really really really wide.  Like 80 inches wide.  I debated frogging the entire thing and knitting it with less pattern repeats so it wouldn't be 80 inches wide.

But frogging with beads is such a pain.

I decided to err on the side of lazy and see what it looks like after blocking.

I can always frog it later.

With no pretty pretty butterfly shawl on the needles, I was once again without a project.

I am still not speaking to my Orange olive basket.

So I took this from my Big Lots haul.

And turned it into this.

When it grows up it hopes to be a slouchy hat for Pork Chop.

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