Thursday, March 07, 2013

Another Post About Nothing

I do a lot of frogging.

I knit things.  Halfway through the project I have a freak out.  I hate it.  The yarn doesn't work with the pattern.  The sizing is all wrong.  The entire thing must be killed with fire.

I have a crisis of confidence.

It is time for my crisis of confidence with my orange Olive Basket.  This is also the exact same point in the knitting that I had my crisis of confidence with  my brown Olive Basket.  The one I frogged.

Remember how I knit the bottom band of basket weave too wide by accident and was too lazy to rip out the extra inch?

My laziness might have been a mistake.

I think the extra wide band makes my hips look extra wide.

And boldly I will show you from the back.

Yup.  Wider than I like to pretend I am in my mind.

I am on the fence about this.  I could knit the sleeves and see how it changes the look.  They could balance everything out.  I'm guessing if I finish the sleeves and collar I will love this sweater.  Or it could be a disaster and maybe I should cut my losses now.

This is the point where I throw it into The Abyss while I mull it over in my mind for a bit.

Which is good because I'm not supposed to be working on my Olive Basket anyways.

I'm supposed to be doing souper seekrit color work.  Finishing things up before Spring Break starts at 3:15 tomorrow.

I'd better get knitting!

I've decided upon a movie marathon to keep my company.

I have not seen the final movie yet.  I'm hoping everyone dies.  I've read (and possibly) own the books so I'm pretty sure they don't.  But I can't just jump in with the final one.  I need to refresh my memory of all the previous movies.  The Greatest has decided he would rather clean the dog poop in the backyard then enjoy this sparkly cinematic disaster with me.  If I had know that cheesy vampires would have this effect on him I would have been watching them weekly.

And quoting them to him.

I would have the prettiest backyard in the neighborhood.

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Evelyn said...

Your post made me lol! I hate frogging but sometimes it's worth it rather than having something you don't like if you think it will bother you every time you see it :-S