Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Are you sitting down?

Cause I finished something.

Pattern:  Spindleberry

Yarn:  Knitpicks lace weight yarn, maybe Shadow Lace, but I don't remember

Needles:  Size 4 Caspian needles

Modifications:  I used two strands of lace weight yarn held together.  That's it.  I knit the rest exactly as written.

Review:  I love this little shawlette.  It was the perfect mindless knitting for my sleep deprived brain.

I've realized I don't get to sleep at night.  I just take naps.  A short nap between when I go to bed and when I get up to pump.  Then a shorter nap between pumping and morning.  I don't even dream anymore.  It is only for a season, and my season is almost half way over (see how optimistic my mental manipulation of time is.  Five months is almost six and six is half way over.  So I'm almost half way over-ish).  But man, I'll be glad when the season of my boobs is complete.

But back to the knitting.  I love the clever way this pattern integrated the fringe right into the knitting so there was almost zero finishing work.  Which is good.  Because we all know how much I love finishing work.

This little project was perfect, perfect color, perfect yarn, perfect button, perfectly easy knitting, perfect everything.  

It only had one flaw.

It wasn't for me.

One of my kindred spirits asked if anyone from our knitting group would like to knit this for her, and I jumped at the chance.  I think my exact words were "I'd love to do it if you don't need it to be finished anytime this year."  Because she has listened to me whine on more than one occasion, (blah blah blah tired, blah blah boobs, blah blah blah world's cutest baby, blah blah blah insurance company sucks, I'm a broken record) she quickly agreed there was no rush.

And there was no rush to the knitting, but still it knit up surprisingly fast.  I know she'll appreciate the fact that most of it was knit while The Greatest and I Netflixed old seasons of Supernatural. 

It brought me joy to create for someone I care for.  

It was a perfection.

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Nancy McCarroll said...

Perfect! Kudos and good on you!