Thursday, May 01, 2014

Can You Believe Two In One Week?

"Ummm, Mom, your socks don't have any toes!"


"They don't have any heels either."

"I know that too."

"You're so weird Mom."


Pattern:  All Twisted Up Yoga Socks

Yarn:  Knit Picks Sock Garden in Zinnia (discontinued)

Needles:  My blue metal dpns.  I know, that is so unhelpful.  Maybe 2.25mm?

Modifications:  I added five rows of ribbing on either side of the heel opening.  I just thought it gave a little more of a finished look.

Review:  I really like them.

Knitting them was an exercise in frustration.

Not with the pattern.  The pattern was super easy, and I knit these in less than a week.

No, my frustration was with the yarn.

Many many  many many many years ago I took part in Sock Wars.  It was fun, but not all of the socks I knit were patterns I would have necessarily chosen for myself.  This yarn was originally used to knit a pair of Sock Wars socks.  It was a clever pattern, with a folded over cuff, and cute little triangle points.  They were also something I would never wear.  The cute unloved socks languished in The Abyss.

Then a couple of years ago The Greatest moved the contents of The Abyss into the garage for the Christmas season.  Does anyone remember that travesty?  While in the garage something... crickets?  moths?  desperate elves? decided my yarn would be the tastiest of tasty snacks.  I am still discovering the exact extent of the carnage.

My unloved socks with the fold over cuff were part of the feast.

When I did my purge of The Abyss earlier this year I finally frogged those socks with the intent of reusing the yarn to create something I would wear.  I was devastated to discover precisely how chewed the socks were.  But for some unknown reason I would not let it go.  The shade of red is so pretty, and it complements the orange so nicely.  I even like the brightly contrasting yellow.  And this yarn is discontinued.  It isn't like I can go buy more of it.  I am sure with all the indie dyers, and yarn companies that exist in the world that I could find a clone of this yarn somewhere, but for some reason I couldn't let it go.  I frogged the socks, and discarded what I thought were all the chewed spots, and put the resulting yarn cake in my yarn cabinet waiting for inspiration.

Inspiration struck in the form of yoga socks.

But as I knit the yoga socks I discovered more weak spots in the yarn.  More frayed spots.  More chewed spots.  Sometimes I broke the yarn, discarded the weak section and began again.  Other times I just held a length of good yarn double with the weak spot in the hopes that if the weak spot were to give the good yarn would hold the socks together.

On and on I knit, and how the yarn ends added up.  I think there were forty three yarn ends when all was said and done.  And we all know how much I LOVE, I mean, LOATHE finishing work.

In the end I think it was worth the effort.  A fun little knit with beautiful results.

Now if only I did yoga.

Instead of exercising, in my rare bit of down time I have cast on something new

I'm getting a bit of an early start on this years round of Christmas Weasley Sweaters.  Here's hoping this fits come December.

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