Monday, November 10, 2014

An Autumn Moon

I know you're all waiting for a Halloween rundown.

And it is coming.

And you're waiting for me to republish my rant to the world.

And that is coming as well.

But for today, just for today, I've got some knitting to show off.

First let's get the standard poses out of the way.

Yup, I'm super comfortable in front of the camera, and not at all cheesy and awkward.

Let's make it even worse.

There is no way around it.  I simply can not find a way to showcase the back of a sweater without showing the back of my body.  In other words:  there's my butt.

That's ok.  Boy dog decided to come to my rescue to break the tension.

At least he looks happy.

Pattern:  Clare de Lune

Yarn:  Recycled cotton yarn

Needles:  Size 8 Caspian needles

Modification:  Not a modification really, but I did accidentally knit three repeats of the lace pattern on the left front, and only two repeats on the right front.  I can't decide if it looks delightfully asymmetrical, or if it looks lopsided and I need to go fix it.  I'm leaning towards delightfully asymmetrical because I think I'm to lazy to go fix it.  We can just call it a design feature right?

Review:  How FREAKIN fantastic is this sweater!  If you haven't guessed I flove it!  (not a typo, flove is a real word, cause I say it is)

The construction was very fun.  It was knit in a huge rectangle with arm holes.  It was magnificent.  When I first sat down and read the pattern it was hard for me to visualize the steps and how it would flow together.  But if you just knit it as written, one step at a time, it all falls into place.

It is flowy, and lacey, and romantic, and just warm enough for the desert Autumn.  I can't decide if it is actually flattering or not.  It might make me look a bit wider than I actually am.  But I'm still carrying a bit of baby weight so my perception is all skewed.  Am I that wide?  Is it the sweater?  How long can I call it baby weight before it is just my weight?  My self esteem does better if I don't think about it.  But on the plus side this sweater is fun to wear, and that feels important.

And here are some shots of the sweater in action.

I know you're only here for the baby anyways.


katie metzroth said...

I come for the knitting. I stay for the kiddos. :)

I vote yes for asym. I can't wait to read the rant. :)

I got my Halloween fix on IG, but would love to see more pics. I hope ya'll are all having a lovely fall! :)

The Knitting Kat said...

This is absolutely perfect!!!