Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More of the Cuteness

Poor Queen Bean.

She just can't catch a break.

Someone mentioned how nice the dark blue of Sweet Pea's (still unblocked) sweater would look with Queen Beans eye.  And ever since I've been obsessed with the idea of knitting her a tiny dark blue something to wear.

For her eye.

Good thing she doesn't seem to mind my hand knits.

Pattern;  Whirligig Shrug

Yarn:  left over blue worsted weight stuff

Needles:  Size 8

Modifications:  Since I was using worsted weight yarn and larger needles than the pattern calls for I cast on for a size smaller than I normally would.  I also did a seed stitch edging around the front instead of the rolled border.


I love this pattern.  I don't know why, but I do.  I've knit it at least a dozen times over the years.  And I love it every time.

Something about it is so dainty and cute and wearable.

I think it might be the flared sleeves.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure changing the front bands to seed stitch really improved upon the original.

And I overshot the mark when I upsized the with the larger yarn/needles.  It is falling off her shoulders.  It isn't a total loss.  She'll be able to wear it next year.

But in the mean time I'm contemplating buying more deep blue yarn so she can have one to wear now.

While my budget and I argue it out, I've cast on for yet another baby sweater.

I finished all that YESTERDAY!

It might be time for an intervention.  My personal philosophy seems to be "Baby sweaters, you can't knit just one."  Queen Bean can breath a sigh of relief, this one isn't for her.

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katie metzroth said...

I wonder at what point my friends are going to get tired of me showing them pictures of your cute baby? probably never. she's that cute.