Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Look More Knitting!

Sometimes you get a skein of yarn that is just so lovely there is nothing you could knit it into that would improve upon its beauty.  It is simply so pretty all twisted in a hank that you can't bring yourself to make it into something.  It exists simply to sit and be beautiful.  It is not meant to be knit, to be transformed.  Just being yarn is enough.

I once possessed such a skein.

Then my dogs discovered my pretty skein of so-pretty-I-can't-knit-it handspun yarn.


Does anyone remember that?

Frankly I'm surprised I still have dogs.

I attempted several time to turn the remains of the yarn into something I could love.  But my attempts always fell flat.  I could not love my knitted object as much as I loved my decorative yarn cake.

Then I made these hats for my girls.

Seriously, those girls could not be any cuter.

I became a tad obsessed with the idea of a squishy slouchy garter stitch hat.

But alas, I used all my red/pink yarn on the hats for the girls.

But what if I made a more adult version.  A more grown up hat.  What if instead of bright reds and pinks and purples I used muted browns, and deep reds, and cream.  A more sophisticated color palette.

I cast on for my grown up hat in September.

I know I've shared this picture before but lets just take a moment to admire how gorgeous my nailpolish/bathrobe/knitting needles/yarn all look together.  I wish I was so organized and had my life so put together I could say I planned that.  But no.  Just a happy accident.  On the other hand maybe I should be relieved I'm not that anal.

My hat was knit in record time.  And it was everything I hoped it would be.  Squishy, and slouchy, yet sophisticated.

And then my hat sat.

And sat.

And sat.

Untouched. Unworn.  And unloved.

Not because I didn't want to wear it but because I live on the surface of the sun and I don't want to die from heatstroke caused by wearing a wool hat in September.  Or October.  Or November.

Sometimes you just have to say screw it and have an impromptu photo shoot in your bathroom so you can show off your hat on your blog.

I am rocking my resting bitch face.  No more cheesy posed smiles for me.  From now on all my blog pictures will showcase my "blue steel."  I look fierce.  Especially considering I am once again wearing my bathrobe.

In my defense it does match my hat.

And the obligatory awkward shot from behind.

My favorite part of this picture is my bunny, just chilling in the corner.  She does not even have time for my nonsense.  She isn't a lop.  But look how she is holding her ears.  I wonder if she is wearing the bunny equivalent of bitchy resting face.

And finally the artsy shot.

I have learned that the key to a good smoky eye is to wear your eyeliner/mascara for three days straight.  By then it should be melted down to your cheek bones for an authentic heroin chic smeary look.

Ta da!  There is my beautiful hand knit hat.  My hand spun has finally found new life in squishy garter stitch.  Now if only the temp would drop down into the 70s so I could justify wearing it outside my bathroom.

I'd even put on real clothes.


The Knitting Kat said...

Real clothes are overrated…that hat however, is definitely a most excellent use of some gorgeous handspun :)

Andria said...

I would wear my pj's and bathrobe all day everyday if I could. In fact, if I'm cold around the house I just put my bathrobe on, no matter what time of day it is. I also have a bitchy face when I'm not animated, oh we have so much in common! I do not live on the face of the sun however, so I would love to have that squishy hat on my head right now. It is 30F outside. My kids are happy though, crazy nuts that they are.