Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Forgive me blog readers, for I have sinned.

It has been four days since my last blog post.

My pile of things to block still looks like this.

And I have not finished knitting my Knit Picks project.  In fact I have made zero progress on my Knit Picks project.  But that is not entirely my fault.  It is a crazy cute project with a clever yet very complicated construction.  I've reached a tricky tricky part, and my weekend was filled with many many emails with the designer ironing out some minor issues with a section of pattern.

So not my fault.  I've been doing my due dilligence.

And while I waited I had to cast on for something new.

I couldn't help it.  I swear.  I needed something to do while I waited for replies to my emails.

I cast on for yet another Rikke Hat

*Side note, look how unexpectedly fabulously my nailpolish, yarn, and bathrobe all coordinated together*

I know I was all dreamy with the grey sweater, but if you've been paying attention you'll notice I haven't knit myself anything that requires a size.  I've knit socks, scarves, shawls, and now a hat.  But no actual sweaters.  I'm still carrying a bit of the baby weight, and for boring pumping reasons (everybody take a drink) I haven't been able to lose the weight.  Rather than flip a coin and decide if I want to knit for the body I have, or the body I hope to have, I've been sticking to things that require no size.

So a smooshy hat it is.

And I loves it.

I only feel a tiny bit of guilt for all the things I haven't done.

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katie metzroth said...

wow. that coordination is fabulous. :)