Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Middle Name is Danger

I have discovered the way to ensure that I actually complete a sewing project.

I do not have a craft room.  Two children ago we rented a house with enough bedrooms that one was a dedicated office/craft room.  But that was two children ago.  I still have the same number of bedrooms but now I have a computer in my dining room and a closet under the stairs to store my supplies.  A closet I share with the seasonal decorations, and Christmas seems to be acquiring more and more of that precious real estate every year.

When I sew I sew at the dining room table.  And at the end of my sewing session, right before I feed my children at said table, I pack everything up and tuck it safely back into the depth of The Abyss, where it patiently waits until I have the time and energy to drag it all back out again.

And as the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

If I leave my sewing out I inject an element of danger into my crafting.

My project is left where a bored child can wander in and remove all the pins from a piece waiting to be sewn.

My setting are constantly readjusted by a child who declares she can't stop touching the sewing machine "It is just so shiny Mom!"  I  never know what stitch setting it will be on, or what new and inventive ways they will create to change my tension settings.

And lets not even talk about the food aspect.

My children eat at that table.  They are varying ages, so they have varying age appropriate degrees of table manner, but the one who is the neatest never ends up eating by my machine.  It is always the one who creates a pattern on the sewing arm with mexican rice.  Or draws her initials with peanut butter.  I'm sure the shiny aspect is playing a factor here.

And at any moment chocolate milk could be spilled on the entire project.

Apparently I like to craft under the threat of imminent destructions.

Because if I leave my project out, unprotected, exposed to the elements..,

I get stuff done!

Tiny squares become strips of sewing...

Strips become half squares...

Half squares become entire stars...

And stars become quilt tops!!

Now the hard part starts.  I have to turn quilt tops into quilts.

In the mean time...

 I've done a bit of knitting on my blue monstrosity.  I waffle between being impressed by how cleverly I'm blending two yarns into a gorgeous sweater, and being certain I am making the most bright gaudy sweater ever.

Not sure yet which way this one will play out.

 I've got to work on that giving up sleep thing so I can get more done.

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katie metzroth said...

The quilt top looks great! way to go and I think the sweater is going to turn out well in the end. :)