Thursday, September 18, 2014

Progress of Sorts

My smooshy squishy hat grows.

It is smooshy and squishy and I love it.

Unfortunately the fact that my shooshy squishy hat is growing does not mean I have finished my Knit Picks project.  It means I've worked on the project I can throw down at a moments notice to take care of the little ones.  I've worked on the project that requires little actual brain power.  I have not worked on the project that takes my full attention.  But I'm in the home stretch with my Knit Picks project.  I expect to knock it out friday, and never speak of it again.

On the plus side, I made yarn soup today.

And then, in an unusual turn of events, I actually blocked the soaked items out to dry.

So there is that.

And finally...


Her sweet face kills me.  And those arm roll!  She is the reason I don't get anything done.  If she's awake, we're playing!

1 comment:

katie metzroth said...

you blocked stuff AND played with your baby?!? good for you! (I'm shocked you blocked, but yay!) :)