Monday, September 22, 2014

Abject Failure

I've been pondering texture lately.

Queen Bean isn't eating solid foods yet.  So we spend a lot of time thinking about the texture of food we are (unsuccessfully) feeding her.  Puree, lumpy, meltables.  We spend a lot of time thinking about the tactile aspects of eating.

Textures of hand crafts.  The tactile feel you create with sticks and string. Smooth stitches, or lumpy knots.  Crochet is overwhelmingly preferred for photo props because crochet's knotted stitches inherently have more depth and feel compared to knitting's stockinette stitch.  While I'm not feeling the urge to trade my needles for a hook, I want to knit more textures, cables, moss stitch, waffle stitch.  I want cuddly textured sweaters.

With that in mind, I cast of for Olive Basket... again... in a different yarn... cause hope springs eternal.

The good news is I'm in love.   I LOVE the basket weave border.  I love the variegated colors.  I love how the variegated colors are knitting up and playing with the different textures.

The bad news is I don't have enough yarn to knit the sweater.  Not even close.  And since I bought this yarn at big lots well over a year ago I'm not likely to get my hands on more of it.

*le sigh*

Back to the drawing board.

Speaking of textures, I think that is where my deep love of quilts comes from.  I love how the different fabrics combine to create a pattern.  And then you lay quilting lines on top of that.


All those textures.

Quilts are easily the most superior form of blanket.  Unfortunately, as I've blogged before, my deep love for owning quilts is far greater than my kind-of-like for making quilts.

Never-the-less, I am determined to finish the quilts for Sweet Pea and Queen Bean.  I worked all afternoon Sunday.

I made great progress. I was really getting somewhere.  All my little squares were FINALLY sewn into strips.  It was really going to start coming together.  It was only going to get bigger and bigger from here, snowballing into a real life quilt top.


Only to discover...

I was sewing the green star squares in the wrong order.


I was so tempted to just leave it.

But since the other four color were all sewn in the opposite direction, the perfectionist in me could not abide this atrocity.

*le sigh*

Good thing I'm handy with a seam ripper.

So it was a weekend of failure all around.  Feeling failure.  Knitting failure.  Quilting failure.

To cheer me up, lets look at some pretty textured hand knit socks.

Full disclosure:  These are my friend's socks.  She knit 3/4 of this pair, and then an injury with a farm animal put her out of commission.  (you can't make that up)  I came in to knit the last heel/foot so she can finally have a pair of socks made from her own line of hand dyed yarn.

The pattern is Nemesis.  It was fun to knit, and maybe someday I'll knit a Nemesis of my own.

And cause I can...

Sock Sushi!

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