Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cheesy Posing

I meant to share this yesterday, but I forgot.  And it is too cute not to share.

We celebrated Bird's 11th Birthday Friday night with pizza and games and presents.  It was big fun.

We left most of the party decorations up over the weekend to just prolong her feeling of celebration and specialness.

On Sunday my son tweaked the decor.

Don't you love it!

I did.

On the knitting front, it was cold this weekend.  Probably the last cool weekend we'll have until October.  And while talking about the weather may not seem knitting related, it actually is.  Cool weather = time to wear hand knits!

I lived in my new black sweater all weekend.

It is now officially my favorite sweater, and I want a million of them.  In different shade of grey or black.

Pattern:  Isabel

Yarn:  Recycled cotton fingering weight yarn

Needles:  Size 4 Knit Picks Sunstruck Needles

Modifications:  None


Ok.  I know it doesn't look like much on the hanger.  But you can see how light and thin it is.  The white hanger is showing through.  This sweater is a wisp of a thing.

But look at it on.

Ignore my cheesy posing.

Isn't it fantastic!

I love the collar, and the length, and the sleeves, and the uneven hem.

Ignore my cheesy props and gaze at the uneven hem.


It isn't completely without issues.

The cotton yarn grew.  Which I knew it would.  And while this worked out in my favor on the overall length of the sweater, it may have gone a little overboard on the arms.

And that's not even pulled all the way down.

I'm starting to think I have no idea how long my arms actually are.  My sleeves are all too long or two short.

But I can work with this.

Since it is cotton, that also means it isn't pulling in on the ribbing.

Oh my poor naked nails.  I could be painting my nails right now but instead I am using this naptime to put on eyeliner, and take cheesy posed pictures, and attempt to be witty about my sweater.

You're welcome.

But I digress.

The ends of my (very long) sleeves end in a slight bell shape instead of neatly pulled in ribbing.  I can work with this.  But I'd like to make another sweater.  In wool.  Just to see the difference.

This sweaters is a huge win.  Sweaters like this make me wish I lived somewhere cooler.  Somewhere with weather to justify all my hand knit sweaters.


Nancy McCarroll said...

It is pretty, but my, all that knitting. Did your hands cramp? Worth it.

AngelKnitter said...

I am to embarrassed to admit exactly how much time I spent trying to zoom in on your staff in the background. Yum.

That sweater is to die for!!!

AngelKnitter said...