Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Knitting Ennui

I'm in a mood.  It's probably just this time of year.  The anniversary of my Mother's death followed so closely by Mother's Day.  I keep thinking it will get easier.  And it is.

But it isn't.

I appreciate everyone who took time out of their holiday to reach out to me.  I really do.  It is crazy how much I love the friends who live in my computer.

The Greatest really is The Greatest.

He brought the kids into the bedroom in the morning to give me breakfast in bed and flowers.

Then he left me alone with my knitting, and my Netflix queue of old Lifetime movies, and my Candy Crush Soda saga(I will defeat level 202 someday).


He then brought the children in at bedtime to kiss me goodnight.

Basically I spent Mother's Day pretending I wasn't a Mother.

Really it wasn't a bad day.

It was a quiet day.

A bittersweet day.

A day I survived.

I'm feeling blah.

This has carried over into my knitting.

I finished knitting my lacey cowl.

But I don't want to weave the ends in or block it.

I've finished knitting the Queen Bean's blue sweater.

But double ditto on the ends and blocking thing.

Plus it turns out I didn't secure the bind off on one of the sleeves, so when I tried it on the Bean and let her run around in it (because she loved it so, despite the fact that it was unblocked and there were yarn ends everywhere) she started to unravel said sleeve.

I have no desire to deal with it.

I've decided the only thing I can do for my purple sweater (the fabulous rusty one, not the other fabulous purple sweater) is to unravel it, remove the rusty yarn, and re knit it.

Double ditto on the no desire to deal with it.

Triple ditto on reknitting Tweedy.

And there's my sock.

And I hate it.

I want to love it.  I TRIED so hard to love it.  But I hate it.

So I made it a ball of yarn.

I'm just not feeling it today.

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