Tuesday, May 05, 2015

I've Got Issues

You  might have noticed that despite all my talk of craving texture my last two hand knits have been miles and miles of plain old stockinette stitch.  Just boring old, no thinking required rows of knit stitch, followed by rows of purl stitch..

Someone recently informed me that my local library now lends out kindle book.

It is magic.

You borrow a book, and it appears on your screen.  And when the loan period ends, the book just disappears.  No late fees.  No lost books.  Just hours and hours of reading enjoyment.

I may or may not have been told by The Greatest that I am not allowed to set foot in the local library because every time I do we end up owing $40 in late fees.  So this might be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I have a lot of reading to catch up on.

And I can knit stockinette stitch while I read.

Let us all rejoice!

So I knit my way through "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children," and "Afterworlds" and "The Husband's Secret" and "Dark Places" and, well, you get the idea.

I've done a lot of reading.

I'm currently 74% done with "Written in my Own Heart's Blood."

And I've hit a snag.

After finishing all my beautiful stockinette sweaters I cast on for a lovely lacey cowl.

All that lovely lacey goodness.

All that smooshy holey lacey goodness.

All that smooshy holey lacey goodness that demands attention to knit.

It is perfect TV marathon knitting.  I've watched countless episodes of CSI (all the while listening to The Greatest complain "that isn't what the crime lab does" "the crime lab doesn't interview suspects" "the crime lab doesn't make death notifications" "the crime lab doesn't carry weapons"  He's not wrong) while knitting this.

But I haven't done much reading.

I decided I need to cast on some book knitting.  After careful consideration I chose the perfect knit.  I was going to knit another sweater for The Queen.  A Playful  Citrus  with its miles and miles and miles of plain boring perfect for reading stockinette.  I was going to finish my book and get an early start on this year's crop of Christmas Weasley Sweaters at the same time.  It was a win win situation!

But when I went to download the sweater from my Ravelry library I got distracted.   At the last moment I was seduced by a different pattern.  I am nothing if not flexible.  I may have accidentally on purpose downloaded the pattern for Elizabeth instead.

What can I say.

It called to me, and I was powerless against its siren song.

Things started out well.

The bodice went quickly as I read to my sweet heart's content.

It was a little more challenging when I got to the cabled section.

But I emerged triumphant.

And can we all just take a minute here to admire this wonderful shade of sparkly turquoise.  The Queen is going to look so good in this color.

Moment over.

I finished the cable section and realized what I had refused to acknowledge when I was being seduced by this pattern.

The rest of the sweater body is lace.

Miles and miles of perfect for TV watching lace knitting.

Suck Monkey.

I need to cast on for a new project.


AngelKnitter said...

Did you know that your library also offers free auidobook rentals??? Problem solved. I don't watch TV, and I hate to stop knitting to turn the virtual page, so audio books and I are very close.

Unknown said...

I second AngelKnitter. I adore audiobooks! It has become a mainstay for my sanity and my knitting. I have started a Weasley sweater for my baby girl who is now a whopping 7 and I am not happy with the pattern I chose. Do you have a go to pattern for your Weasley sweaters? Would you share a link to it?

Tam said...

Thinking of you today and hoping you can make Mother's Day about you and not be sad. (((hug)))

AngelKnitter said...

Ditto Tam. Love you