Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Hard Knitting Lessons

Poor Pork Chop.

Her goal this summer was to knit a sweater.

Two years ago we bought her yarn to knit a sweater.  She's worked on it a teeny bit over the years, but this summer, this was the summer she was going to get it done.

And she did.

She knit the back, and the two front pieces.  And she knit two perfect fitting sleeves.

And then she ran out of yarn.

The sweater has a beautiful shawl collar, and I'm afraid no matter how fast she knits in a game of yarn chicken the tiny third of a ball she has left is not enough to finish the sweater.

And we bought the yarn two years ago.

It is Simply Soft.

We bought it at our local Wal-Mart.

A local Wal-Mart that no longer carries Simply Soft.

I looked at Hobby Lobby.

They no longer appear to be carrying Simply Soft either.

The Queen and I stopped at Jo-Anns on the way home from Physical Therapy the other day.  It was our final hope in scoring some Ocean colorway Simply Soft.

Yeah, no.

They had Simply Soft.

But no ocean color simply soft.

They did have the ocean color in Caron Pound of Love.  It was lacking the sheen of Simply Soft, but I was hoping it might work.

Now that I see them together I'm not so sure.

Pork Chop is more optimistic.

And really this whole story was my way of telling you

I bought yarn so I can knit a pair of My Pet Octopus Socks


Gracey is not my name.... said...

I have some Simply Soft, but don't think I have that color...I'll be going to my local AC Moore today or you want me to look? You can email me at
graceysgoodies AT have tons of bags of yarn I'm giving away, but sadly I don't think I'll have that...I found the yarn too splitty....

AngelKnitter said...

I will check the stores here.

katie metzroth said...

If ya'll needed to, you might could score some in a destash
on ravelry?

Those octopus socks are fab! : )