Sunday, July 05, 2015

Second Chances

Five or six months ago I learned that there are teeny tiny circular needles designed to be used to knit socks.

I love circular needles.  I love knitting in the round.  I love knitting in the round on circular needles.  And someone has created a way to knit socks in the round on circular needles.


I ordered a pair in every sock needle size I use.

I NEEDED circular sock needles.

And then they arrived.

Full of anticipation, I immediately cast on for a pair of sock and happily knit away.

Sadly, as is often the case in life, the reality did not live up to the expectation.  They were awkward.  They made my hands hurt from the odd way I had to hold the teeny short needles. They put random pressure on my nails and broke them. They were not fun to knit with.

I wanted so badly to love them.  I tried so hard to knit with them.  But in the end I had to face the truth.

I hated them.

Knitting needle preference is a very personal thing.  And I prefer to use magic loop to knit my socks.

I feel no shame.

I also prefer to use circular needles when I knit stranded color work.

Again.  No shame.

So when I knit the Tardis socks I was at odds with myself.

They were socks, so I wanted to use my fabulous bamboo needles to knit magic loop style.  But the police box was color work.  I wanted to use circular needles.

What's a girl to do?

As a compromise I cast on with my long bamboo needles and switch to the small circs for just the color work portions of the sock.  Then back to bamboo for the remainder of the sock.

And I discovered I LOVE knitting color work socks on circular needles.  I loved it so much I had to knit another pair of color work socks.

Round and round and round and round.

Something about using the two strands of yarn changes my grip and makes the needles more comfortable to use.  They still break my nails...

But when your socks look this awesome who cares?

I'm so in love with this mermaid sock.

And I kinda love the way the yarn striped up to give the octopus...

A very dashing mustache.

Once you see it, it can never be unseen.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Those are awesome....and I am trying my first pair of 8 inch..I'm loving them so far...but I'm just doing a vanilla pattern

Nancy McCarroll said...

Very cool indeed.

katie metzroth said...

That is fantastic. and that was so fast! well done! I've not tried those kinds of needles, but I LOVE my dpn's for most socks. they make me feel like a ninja. :) happy Monday!

AngelKnitter said...

So. Jealous.