Friday, July 03, 2015

Mermaid Socks, The Saga Continues

First off I have to thank everyone who offered to try to find the Simply Soft Ocean Blue yarn for Pork Chop.

I am happy to report she has successfully used the Ocean Blue pound of love yarn to finished her sweater (lacking buttons of course.  She is her Mother's Daughter) and she has already cast on for a miniature matching sweater for The Queen (she really is her Mother's Daughter).

Watching her knitting obsession grow out of control as she passes up a chance to go swimming in favor of sitting on the couch working on her sweater almost makes me want to re-think MY priorities.


And speaking of my priorities, I tried.

I really did.

I tried so hard to make the sport weight purple yarn work.

Isn't it pretty!

Unfortunately the only thing it had going for it was the fact that it was extremely photogenic.

The ribbing wasn't holding, since it was 100% acrylic.  And the fabric was this odd combination of thick and drapey.

Not comfortable in a sock.

I wanted it to work.  I wanted it to work so badly.

But this sock was not meant to be.

So I made a return pilgrimage to Jo-Ann's.

Let us all take a moment of silence to mourn the fact that the economy is terrible.  All my local yarn shops (which were never that local to begin with) have closed, and Jo-Ann's is now the go to place to buy yarn if I need it in a hurry.  Makes me miss that snobby yarn shop I used to live five minutes away from before I move 2,000 miles to live in the bowel of hell (seriously, it is going to be a cloudy 111 degrees outside today.  And it is CLOUDY)

This time I got a cart.

And since she is a toddler she quickly decided to see just how dangerous she could make this seemingly ordinary cart.

And since I really don't want my child to stand in a shopping cart and fall out and crack her head open and die beside the sock yarn the Queen went into the basket.

Side note:  Her pigtails were killing me with their cuteness.

Seriously, I die.

We managed to escape Jo Ann's without buying the super cute mirror/jewelry holder that once again called to me from the shelf

In my defense, and with no prompting from me, Pork Chop pointed it out as being adorable as well.  But she too agreed, there was no where in the house where this would be useful.

We did buy two new skeins of yarn

It isn't as vibrant as the original yarn, but it is sock weight.

And it is 25% bamboo.


And it is making a very pretty mermaid sock

So we're gonna go ahead and call this one a Win.

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AngelKnitter said...

I love those!! The colors are perfect.