Tuesday, October 11, 2016


So I know I'm being uncharacteristically cautious about blocking my Holiday Sweater.

*Sidenote:  If you wondering if I've blocked my sweater yet, I haven't*

But there are reasons.

Real honest to goodness reasons.

The mold.  The smell.  The rust.

All of these little experiences add up to tell me that I will always find new and interesting ways to self sabotage my craft through blocking.

And yes.  It is true.  I have found a new way to ruin a perfectly gorgeous knit.

It all comes down to one word.


I am terrified to block my knit because it is RED.

Exhibit A

Remember when I let my knits soak in a bowl of water for three days?

This is what happens when you take pink and red socks, and let them chill in a bowl of water for three days.

They come out decidedly less pink and red, and more redish and red.

So no.  I will not be setting my pretty red sweater in a bowl of yarn until I am certain it will not be left there to die.

But back to the socks.

I'm trying very hard to pretend this is deliberate yarn dyed redish and red,  and that my project did not begin as this.

Very pink and red.

I don't care.

These socks are gorgeous!

I love the corrugated ribbing.  I love the tiny pattern of color work.  I love the pink toe.  I love that the heel is red, so only the top and bottom are pink.

Everything about these socks is fantastic.

You might have noticed an absence of triangles with this photo shoot.  

I brought in a talented consultant to style me for this post.

She posed all my pictures.

She takes her work very seriously.

This is the look she gave me when I discussed the theory of triangles with her.

So no more triangles it is.

The Queen has spoken.

Relevant bits:

Yarn:  Can't find the label, but it is a fantastic alpaca blend that came with contrasting heel/toe yarn

Needles:  Size 2

Modifications:  None that I remember.  I love when I can just the pattern as written and have the finished knit turn out as expected.  This actually happens less than you think it does.  So yay for good patterns.


Nancy McCarroll said...

I love them too and would not care about the bleeding problem. Like them even better that way after the colors melded. Might have to queue that pattern. Yes, I will.

Mattsmom said...

Oh I love these!!! Off to add them to my wish list!