Monday, October 17, 2016


So my favorite old man turned older today.

We celebrated with barbecue for lunch.

Side note:  The Greatest looked at this picture and decided that The Queen is too white and can't possibly be related to him.  Positive paternity test will be arriving soon.  Also, look how big she looks.  When did that happen?

In addition to barbecue and a fruitless morning trying to give people money in exchange for a new-to-us car, I managed to finish my Tweedy cuddly monstrosity of a sweater during an afternoon session of Netflix and digest.

I promptly added it to the pile of sweaters that need blocked.

If you're keeping track, in order from bottom to top, this pile includes a) my red adorable holiday sweater b) grey textured cable sweater I knit over a year ago and finally c) tweedy cuddly monstrosity of a sweater.

In addition to lack of time, I have discovered a new blocking complication.  I managed to block a gauge swatch for a Knit Picks test knit this morning.  The cat promptly laid on it and then proceeded to pull the pins holding it in place out one by one with her teeth.

I wish I were making this up.

My tentative plan of attack was to soak the sweaters after dinner, and then lay them out once the children went to bed so they can dry overnight.  But if the cat is going to lay on my knits this is no longer a viable plan.  Plus last night the cat ate a sizeable chunk out of one of the garbage bags I use for blocking.  So now blocking can only take place in a nonfeline accessible room.  I'm thinking the Queen's room with the door shut.  But that throws in wrench in my "lay it out after the children go to bed plan."

Sock monkey.

Maybe I'll just start wearing my stuff unblocked.

I also managed to stuff a certain toddler into a certain olive green sweater this evening.  Then I spent an hour following her around taking pictures.  I have roughly 742 shots that look like this

Holding still isn't really her thing.

In her defense, she's two.

Also that's not a protesting crying face.  That's her smile for the camera face.


I did manage to get a few clear shots.  Mostly when she was engaged in toddler mischief.

Like playing with my forbidden phone

Dumping ice from one small container to an even smaller container

and her favorite:  using the stepstool to reach the clean knives left in the dish drainer.


Her favorite.

It ranks just above checking the front door just in case Mommy forgot to lock it on her list of favorite things to do.

All in all the Weasley sweater is a big win.  The sleeves are way too long but that just gives her room to grow right?  It feels like it is long in the torso, but honestly she just has a long torso and it fits just fine.  I decided not to put a big L on the front because I was afraid that the L combined with the longer torso would read less "Harry Potter" and more "Alvin and the Chipmunks."  The Queen seems happy with it as it.

And I managed to get an amazing shot of her eyes

I'm so in love with that little face.

How can we freeze her so she never grows up?

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Mattsmom said...

I live it! Beautiful sweaters! Beautiful daughter!