Wednesday, October 12, 2016


So the red sweater is still not blocked.

And while the tiny green toddler sweater is blocked with ends woven in, I have not actually tried it on the tiny pale toddler.  Nor have I photographed it for posterity.

I've eyed a sweater from The Abyss that needs the ends woven in.  But I haven't actually done more than think about it.  If only thinking about doing something counted.  Unfortunately only the actual doing of something counts.

So wip (work in progress) updates it is.

My Tweedy sweater grows.

And as it does so does my love for the Tweedy sweater.

Bonus shot of my official stylist in the corner.  She approves of my grey on grey look.

Side note:  My bathroom mirror is unimaginably dirty.  I can't even begin to think of how the tiny hellions got that much, what is that?, on my mirror.  I was tempted to break out the windex and retake these photos on a shinier surface.  So tempted I did in fact pull out the windex.  But then I discovered we are out of paper towels, and I lost the will to live, so streaky bathroom mirror pictures is what we are working with today.

Just keeping it real around here people.

And to add some more excitement, I have a second knit on the needles.

Let us all take a moment to wonder in awe at the fact that I only have TWO projects on the needles.


I hardly recognise myself these days.

The children are home on fall break this week.  I found myself having to explain what fall break is to a lovely couple vacationing here from Oregon.  It is a week off from school in October for no apparent reason.  I don't understand it.  But I don't mind it.  I love being around my children.  They are so much fun.  And as my oldest careens at break neck speed towards graduating and leaving the home I am acutely aware of how finite my time with them is.

And since my time with  my competent teenage babysitter is finite, I took advantage of her presence in our home to ditch the kids in her care and go on a ride a long with the Husband.

He's so handsome in uniform.

I had a really great time.  While he patrolled I knit.  We ate Mexican food.  He bought me chocolate from the gas station because he knows I like chocolate.  And I didn't have to "Mom" once the entire day.

We compared our "tools of the trade."

I think mine are cooler.

And I got a fair amount of work done on the leg of a sock.

My sweater getting rather large to lug places, so this sock is my new official therapy knitting.  While highly skilled professionals teach the Queen to ride a tricycle and cut her own hair, I will be peacefully knitting pink socks and thinking of a better place to hide all the scissors.

Life is good.


Nancy McCarroll said...

Glad it is good.

katie metzroth said...

I love everything about this post. :)

Mattsmom said...

I just adore you!