Thursday, November 17, 2016

What I Wore Knitwear Edition

So my blogging skills have truly atrophied into something substandard.

Let's take a moment to forget how infrequent and random my posting has become.

Or how subpar my writing has been lately.

Today I'm going to focus on how truly crummy my photography skills have become.

I've been using the phone on my camera for so long I've completely forgotten how to adjust the settings on my real dslr camera.

I've even forgotten that there are settings to change so I don't have to take over exposed pictures like this.

I tried adjusting it in photoshop

But let's face it, my skills there were never existent to begin with.  I like to adjust the layer called "levels" but beyond that I don't mess with it.  I'd do more harm than good.

So we've establish that I took some crummy pictures today.  And I lack the skills to salvage them.  And I lack the brain power to summon creative writing skills to write about the slow demise of my blog in a way that is witty or entertaining.

I'm trying hard to create something out of nothing, so today you'll just have to look past my failings to see the really freakin awesome sweater I am wearing.

Take a moment to marvel at the fact that I knit an actual SWEATER and not a cardigan for a change.

I know.

I'm as surprised as you are.

Relevant details that I may or may not remember accurately


Pattern:  Boxy (rav link as always)

Yarn:  Knitpicks Hawthorne Fingering Kettle Dyed, I think 4 skeins in Blackbird and a teensy bit of a skein of Forest Park

Needles:  Hahahahahahahaha.  I knit this sweater atleast a year ago, possibly two, but I think only one.  The pattern says 2.5 and 4.  So probably that.

Someday I'll blog in real time instead of filling my blog with old knits I was too sleep deprived to blog.

Modifications:  I think I added a ton of length because I wanted something that covered my butt.  But that's a personal choice.  No judgement here if you're 68 and decide your life is not complete without a crop top belly shirt.  You do you.


Before I review the sweater, one quick thing...It's kinda hard to see with my subpar over exposure but yes...

This happened.

And I love it!

It goes with her punk personality.

I  also love this sweater.  I do.


When I knit this I was carrying baby weight and decided to boldly knit for the size I was, not the size I hoped to return to.  And it fit perfectly at the time.

Only now I'm not entirely the size I hope to return to, but I'm smaller than the size I was.

I could have knit a smaller size.

I think it is most evident in the neckline. It keeps slipping to one side, off my shoulder.

I've never really been a person who has boob.  When I'm pregnant or nursing I get to borrow some boobs for a while, but I also get special pregnant/nursing clothes.  I'd never realized what a difference boob size has on the neck line.

Smaller boobs have made the neckline too wide.

But that's a me problem.  Not a pattern problem.

Because I knit this longer than originally suggested I ran out of yarn.

And that's how the last few inches of the second sleeve were accidentally on purpose finished with the same yarn, slightly different colorway.

I kinda love it.

Do me a favor and forget the size issue, overlook the fact that the neckline keeps falling off one shoulder (I'm fashion forward), and look at the random sleeve color as a design element.  Let's forget the fact that my pictures suck and there isn't a clear picture of the sweater in the whole bunch.

I love this sweater.  I'm going to wear it at least once a week all winter.

Possibly twice a week.

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