Saturday, November 19, 2016

Real Time Blogging

Once upon a time (last month) I started a sock

Slowly my sock grew

And grew

But let's face it, that fancy sock takes a lot of brain power.

All those twisted cables and lace take attention.

I don't have brain power or attention to give right now.

I can't tell you what's changed in the past month, maybe it's the change in season, but I'm exhausted.

I need a brainless knit.

Enter my latest obsession stage right.

I am obsessed with The Good Wife.

I love it.  I marathon episodes of it on Hulu every chance I get (which isn't nearly as often as I like.)

And I am obsessed with this sweater

Look at that shawl collar.  Look at those sleeves.  Look at the comfy.


I scoured Ravelry looking for a similar pattern.

And I found one-ish right in my library.

Remember when I knit this sweater?

It has so many of the element I love.

The collar!

The sleeves!

The comfy!

It has a different rib pattern, but I think I like the slipped rib better than the original sweater ribbing.  With some mods I think I could make this work.

And the idea took hold.

I NEEDED a cream colored modified Isabel.

And I could not rest until I had one.

Nevermind the fact that a cream colored sweater is INSANITY.

Did I forget that I have a toddler?

Let us all take a moment to consider the disaster that would be Mommy wearing a cream colored sweater around an almost three year old.


That fictitious cream colored sweater would not remain cream colored for very long.

Alicia Florrick can wear a cream colored sweater because she is a lawyer who works in a law office where children do not work.  She also only has two children.  Not five.  And her children are both teenagers.  Not a toddler in sight.  Although I too have two teenagers, with a third child poised to join that place of practice adulthood.  How did that happen?  Teenagers aside, there's still the eight year old firmly planted in the sticky mess of childhood, and let us not forget the toddler.  Oh the toddler.  The sweater ruining toddler.

I am no Alicia Florrick (which is cool considering the philandering politician husband and all.  I'll stick with being me)

But I want that sweater, no NEED that sweater.

And somehow, mysteriously, somehow seven skeins of Knitpicks Bare gloss (a glorious cream merino wool silk blend that just happened to be on sale at an opportune moment) ended up at my doorstep begging to be knit.

My obsession is becoming a reality.

Because I am obviously insane.

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Mattsmom said...

It will be amazing...if only for a moment.