Friday, November 18, 2016

Outfit Of The Day Queen Edition

As long as I'm taking a trip down memory lane with old knits that never made the blog, let's admire the Queen.

This is the look she has started giving me whenever she sees the camera.

Or this face

< insert sarcasm >YAY< end sarcasm >

The Queen is wearing a sweater I knit Bird, but I don't think it ever made the blog.

Once upon a time I knit this sweater.

But it never looked right unbuttoned, and it gaped when I buttoned it.  And the long sleeves that I loved were two inches too long.

I never wore it.

So one day I went insane and I unraveled it for yarn.

And I used it held double to knit a baby shrug.

My two year old has a cashmere sweater.

I do not.

I don't think she is appropriately grateful.

All in all I think it looks pretty good considering it is almost a decade old, and has been worn by three toddlers.

It can be exhausting being so adorable.

I've included this picture despite the fact that it isn't a particularly good shot of the sweater.  And despite the fact that it is a good shot of all the detritus that is currently on my floor (I could be picking it up right now, but I'm blogging.  You're welcome).  I have included it because I love the pink hair.


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Nancy McCarroll said...

Pink and black look very elegant on The Queen. The baby shrug is darling and cashmere looks good on the Queen Bee!