Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What a Little Restless Energy Can Do

I'm feeling kinda restless and out of sorts today.

A woman called me this morning.  After giving me a very friendly good morning she was surprised to discover she had dialed the wrong number.  I found myself apologizing to her for being the wrong person.

I kinda feel like the wrong person today.

I keep finding myself surprised at the thought that Thanksgiving is in two days.

Which isn't really as big a deal as it sounds at first since we will be celebrating with turkey on Saturday, so I've got four more days to wander to the grocery store and prepare.  But the fact that there is a holiday this week keeps coming as a bit of a revelation for me.

How did Thanksgiving happen so soon?

The Queen is having a birthday next week.

There are 32 days until Christmas.

35 days until Sweet Pea's birthday.

Time is passing me at breakneck speed and I find myself bewildered by it all.

The Greatest says I'm just so exhausted, living in day to day survival mode, that I forget the days add up to weeks, which add up to months, and before I know it The Queen is turning three.

In the meantime I have knit a beautiful red sweater in the hopes of wearing it for the holidays, and if I'm gonna make that happen I need to block it!

Let the clock start on how many days it takes me to lay out the sweaters to dry.

Just kidding.



This restless feeling I've got today wouldn't allow me to let the sweaters sit in water long.  I think they made it forty minutes, forty five tops, and I was on my knees gently patting them into shape.  Which turned out to be a very good thing because I found a safety pin hidden in the armscye of the grey sweater.  That could have been unspeakably tragic.  I should try to channel this pent up energy into something really productive, like grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, or scrubbing my shower.  But I probably won't.

I was really relaxed with my blocking.  I didn't pin the red one at all, just laid it flat and made sure the sleeves were the same length.  I think the overall length of the sweater grew from the weight of the wet sweater, and I'm fearful that after it dries it will be too long and I will have to rip a few inches out.  Or maybe it grew enough to go from tunic top to short dress.

Maybe it is my new holiday dress?

I only pinned out the lace collar on the grey sweater.  I wanted to open up the lace pattern and make the lace collar as wide as possible.   In hindsight I wish I had blocked the lace a little more aggressively, maybe with blocking wire.  But if I hate it or find it lacking I can always reblock.

Let's take a moment to revisit that second picture

Do you see what I see peering between the branches of the tree?

No kitty kitty.  That's a bad kitty kitty.

Although after months of calling "here kitty kitty" and having her ignore me it occurred to me that her original owners might not have spoken English.  We live where there is a large Spanish speaking population.  I asked a friend how to call a cat in Spanish, and sure enough "gato" got a head turn.  So...

No gato gato.  That's a bad gato gato!

In Baby Bunyan news

She is sporting yet another blue plaid shirt and practicing for her bright future as a cardiologist.

With the way she goes around stealing hearts she should know how to take good care of them.

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