Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I have so much to be thankful for this year.  But since my Husband had to go and become a professional hero he is working today.  Ordinarily when he works the Thanksgiving holiday we would keep it small with a ham and veggie tray, maybe a pie or two, and call it good.

But not this year.

This year my Dad and Stepmommy live down the street from us!

See, so much to be thankful for.

So we are waiting until Saturday for our turkey day so we can do the holiday up big and proper.

Which means I spent today like this

I watched a bunch of movies with the kids.  I also threw in a little bit of this

(The Queen loves snapchat filters)

And in preparation for Saturday I did a little bit of this

And all was wonderful and relaxing, and I didn't miss a thing until I got on facebook and saw everyone's pictures of their amazing holiday meals.  And now I'm hungry.  And craving stuffing.

The struggle is real!

Especially since I've been forcing the kids to Eat.All.The.Leftovers in the fridge to make room for holiday food and there really isn't anything decent left to eat without cooking.

And I don't want to cook again.

I've already cooked so much today.  Only all the food I cooked today is for Saturday over-eating.  Not for dinner today.

The struggle is real!

But seriously, Thanksgiving was so much better when I was a child and didn't have to cook or clean.

Can I go back to that?

In knitting new my sweaters are all blocked.

And my red one grew.

This is the picture I sent to my group chat so my girlfriends could tell me if it was too short for a dress (spoilers:  since I'm not 19 anymore, it is) and too long for a shirt (they voted 2 to 1, it's too long)

So I need to shorten it to about here

And it will be the cutest holiday shirt ever!

My tweedy love sweater also grew during blocking

But I ain't even mad about this one.  Just need to weave the ends in and I can commence wearing it in all its tweedy glory.

I've taken to calling my cream sweater "The Good Sweater" (cause I was inspired by The Good Wife.  Get it?!!!! I'm so funny!!!!! And also a huge dork.  I accept this about myself)

My good sweater slowly grows.  The Queen had peanut butter for a snack and I threatened the older sibling who gave her peanut butter with bodily harm if tiny peanut butter hands touched my cream colored yarn.

Because I'm a good Mom like that.

After all, what's a holiday without a few hollow threats from the one who gave you life.

Sentiments like that make me question my upbringing and wonder how normal my childhood actually was.

Which is also a time honored holiday tradition.

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Mattsmom said...

I adore you! Gorgeous work on the sweaters!