Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Catching up on all the good stuff

So another holiday season has come and gone.

With no blog post.

Bad blogger.

I have to confess I never felt very Christmas-y.

It was all there.

All the parts of Christmas were there.  We had the trees.

The school Christmas pageant where our very own Sweet Pea had a speaking role (which she rocked!  I'm so proud of my girl).  We had entirely too much candy and too many cookies.

We had family, no only my Dad and Stepmommy, but my brother came too!

We had Christmas lights, and presents, and love.

And I wasn't feeling it.

What's wrong with me?

It's probably the exhaustion.

Or it could be the fact that I never finished my super awesome holiday sweater.

I reblocked it to see if I could make it more of a dress.

I think it's still a touch on the short side.

Plus it makes me look pregnant.

I'm not loving that.

So I need to rip it back to shirt proportions.

I just don't have the heart.

In the mean time good things happened

My baby turned 3.

 And my baby turned 9.

And my baby turned 14.

The Queen started Preschool

I got another cat (phase two of my transformation into a crazy cat lady: complete)

We rang in the new year

Surrounded by my bestest friends

So all good things here.

Just need to frog that dress into the shirt it was meant to be.

As soon as gather the strength to destroy.

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katie metzroth said...

If you wear crazy tights or even jeggings under the shirt/dress, is it still too short? (I probably shouldn't be offering fashion advice to anyone. :) )