Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dreams Do Come True!

I'm not going to lie

It's everything I thought it would be.  And more.

It's oh so quiet and peaceful and perfect for that beautiful slice of time after the children go to bed but before The Greatest comes home from work (working the swing shift is not for the faint of heart).  That precious hour where I can pee all by myself and eat the secret ice cream without sharing.

I've discovered I need a footstool or otterman of some sort.

The cat scratching post will work for now.  Until I think of something better.  And by better I mean prettier.  Way prettier.

Speaking of cats, my fat cat was furious with me for sitting in her chair.  She turned her back to me to express the depths of her displeasure and loathing for me.

But it turns out if I'm in the comfy chair fat cat gets desperate enough...

To use the cat bed.

This my friends is what winning looks like!

On the other side of the room Fluffy Cat was absoutely delighted to have the entire king size bed all to herself.

This may also be what winning looks like!

Yes.  We are going to knit such beautiful things here together.  Yes we are.

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