Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Because Of Course I Did

Let's recap the current status of my works in progress

Twisted Flower Socks

Currently abandoned in the Abyss.   The twisted stitches are beautiful and challenging.  And as bad as this is going to sound, I'm just going to say it:  I don't feel like being challenged right now.  I need more easy in my life.  Plus I'm not sure where I am in the chart anymore, so that kinda sucks and holds me back as well.

Fancy Holiday Sweater

Currently abandoned on a shelf in my closet.  I need to frog it back but since the Holidays are over and I have missed my window in which to wear my sweater on an actual holiday I feel no urgency to complete it.  Maybe I should remind myself that Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching.  And red just happens to be thought of as a traditional Valentine-y color.  But no.  Still not feeling the strength of destroy all those hours of knitting.

The Good Sweater

Currently abandoned inside a trunk, project bag and all, for want of sleeves.

With all my current works in progress not only abandoned but also hidden from sight and mind, now seems like the perfect time to cast on something new.

I have been nurturing a little obsession with the idea of a fingering weight multicolor shawl.  There are tons of them on Ravely.   Briochealicious, Color Affection, Assana Wrap, and Tailwind are just a few that have tempted me.  Seriously though, Briochealicious is gonna be a thing that happens someday.  But for now I've decided on Find Your Fade.  I love the shape and size, and that fact that it will leave me with lots of left over sock yarn, as I have recently found myself in need of lots of left over sock yarn.

When choosing which colors to use I decided throwing all my sock yarn on the floor would be a good way to start.

Not gonna lie.  I was tempted to strip down and roll around on it.

But I resisted.

My life is full of regrets for the things I did not do.

Then I started lining up possible color combinations.

I found out I own a crazy amount of Knitpicks Hawthorne Yarn.  Yet, I do not own a single pair of socks knit from Knitpicks Hawthorne Yarn.  Wonder how that worked out.  Should I knit an all Hawthorne shawl?

Or all pinks to red?

or shades of blue?

Not gonna lie, this one almost won.

I was also tempted by this color combo.

But this is the one I settles on.

Four fades in and I think it is beautiful

Alternating sections of garter stitch and garter stitch lace.

Easy knitting.

Just what my soul needs.

And because I want to brag, The Greatest has been doing the traditional post-holiday cleaning for me (which is how I made so much progress on my shawl over the weekend  I knit while he cleaned.  I got the good end of that deal).  Taking down decorations.  Deep cleaning the kids room.  Bleaching the bathrooms.  He even did the quarterly culling of the kids clothes, making sure everything in their drawers fit and was weather appropriate.  He really is The Greatest.  And just for me, he created this knitting space in the corner of my bedroom.

Things worth noticing:

  • Beautiful trunk full of yarn where The Good Sweater is taking a nap
  • Cat bed
  • Cat napping on chair ignoring comfy cat bed
  • I honestly think the colors of my cat blend a little to well with the colors of my home decor.  It really is unhealthy how well she coordinates.  
I'm going to knit such beautiful things here while I hide from the kids in my bedroom watching grown up tv with all the swear words.

I can't wait.

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katie metzroth said...

This looks LOVELY!!!!! : )