Monday, February 06, 2006

Cuter than a baby in pigtails

We've been over this before. It seems like everyone with a blog is witty and clever. They are all well written, with amazing pictures. My humble blog tries. I do the best I can with what I have. And I think I may have set a record for cuteness on Wednesday. What can be cuter than a baby in pigtails? I feared that anything I did after that would be forever be known as the day I jumped the shark.

Fearing the dreaded shark I sat and I thought to myself "how can I top a baby in pigtails. What can possible by cuter than a baby in pigtails." And in a stroke of inspiration I had it.

What is cuter than a baby in pigtails?

Image hosting by Photobucket

The answer: Two babies in pigtails. Notice what a camera ham Squeaky is while my angel Bird is infinitely more interested in Dora.

So there you have it. Come back tomorrow when I officially jump the shark by unveiling the Black Alpaca 2x2 Ribbed Scarf.


Lynda said...

I don't think you can ever jump the shark by showing pictures of those two cuties!!

Chris said...

They're adorable!! Oh, such a buildup! ;)

Linsey said...

Oh man, There really isn't much cuter than 2 babies in pigtails!!! So cute!!!

candsmom said...

Pure genius. ;-) They are so darned adorable and I'm the biggest sucker for pigtails! Take care! :-)

Areli said...

Your picture is perfect!! The little one is so adorable hamming it up, and the older one is dissing us so sweetly!

kimberly said...

They are just such adorable girls. Alida would be glued to Dora, too. It's the first thing she says when she gets out of bed in the morning. Do you think I should reduce the TV watching? ;)