Friday, February 10, 2006

Young Love

I'm bored with scarves. I'm tired of making them, and I'm tired of blogging them.

Instead today I'm going to embarass my five year old.

Now we all know what a pretty girl she is. She came home from school the other day and she was just standing in the kitchen talking to me about school and the kids in her class. And she was really riled up.

"This kid in my class thinks I'm his girlfriend. And I keep telling him that I'm not, but he keeps saying I am. But I..AM..NOT!"

She was all indignant and upset that this boy would like her that much, and refuse to accept her refusal of his affection. In her mind boys are yucky. And I liked it that way.

Then yesterday everything changed. She was outside playing with Bounce on our deck. She came running in the house all excited.

"Mommy, there's a boy playing outside and he wants to play with us. Can he?"

"Sure Baby, just stay on our deck."

Well, the little kids decided they didn't want to play on the deck any longer, so they all had to come inside (it was too muddy to play in the grass).

"Mommy, that boy wants to come inside and play with us. Can he?"

"Um...sure.. I guess... but he needs to ask his Mom first."

Pork Chop and Bounce come running in the house all excited.

"His Mommy said yes. This is Dreamy (not his real name) and he's in, giggle, *first grade*." giggle, giggle, giggle.

In walks a young boy. I guess he was cute if you like six year olds. He was a very polite child. He played well with all my children. He told me all about his dog, and his sisters. Pork Chop just stared at him the entire time with stars in her eyes. Bounce was so upset when her Dad came to pick her up, and she had to leave Pork Chop alone with Dreamy. After all Dreamy is in First Grade.

At one point Dreamy went to the restroom and I used that time to de-brief Pork Chop. Was she having fun? Was she sharing? Was he being nice?

She leaned against the wall and sighed.

"Mom, he's a really great guy."

I might be in trouble.


Bitterknitter said...

Oh, no! I am not looking forward to my girls "discovering" boys. At least she doesn't seem to be going for the bad boys! Yet! ;-)

Chris said...


Wow, does it start young or what?!

kimberly said...

uh oh. Where is Alida?? I'm going to have to have a talk with her.

tArA nIcHoLe said...

HA HA!!!!! Don't you just love it. Now... mom... are you going to put her on the pill?? tee hee

Areli said...

This is so cute, my 9 year old gets that way too, with an older boy from church. I just want it to stay young and cute, I am not in a hurry for her to grow up and really starting liking a boy.

candsmom said...

Who can resist the adulation of an older gentleman? ;-) Too cute! I'm dreading the day my little tomboy Stinky starts to realize that boys aren't just there to torment her and snatch her toys away!