Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Final Scarf

I call this one

Burnt Waffles

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Pattern: Burn Waffles, my own

Yarn: One hank Fawn, and one hand Winter White from Little Miami Alpaca

Needles: Size 10

Review: This is by far my favorite scarf. I didn't want to give this one back. I started out using the Waffle Stitch from Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting. But my work didn't look like the picture. I realized that the chart didn't match the written instructions. Doesn't anyone proof read these things? I liked my work better, so I just stuck with that. (Plus I was tired of frogging stuff.)

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All in all I'm happy to have them finished and on their way. Pictures of the blue blob tomorrow.


Chris said...

It looks great. And only slightly singed. ;)

Lynda said...

Burnt waffles - I like that name! very pretty, and it looks so soft. Your daughter looks very cute in it.

candsmom said...

Such an obliging model today! ;-) She's such a cutie and your scarf looks fantastic. Take care! :-)

Katrina said...

Nice job on completing the Nefarious scarves. The alpaca farmer was lucky, indeed, to find you to showcase the yarn. And Pork Chop models them so beautifully. Perhaps someday Birdie will come to appreciate the charms of her mamma's handiwork. We can only hope.

By the way, I don't see the chocolate written into this pattern. That's a variation that I think I will borrow to add to any pattern I adapt from here on out.

Again, congrats on a job well done!