Monday, April 10, 2006

He's at it again

I can't believe I thought Boyd was reformed.

He's been so quiet lately.

I thought he's finally given up.

He's been so good I even used him as a holder needle for the Blue Blob when I needed the needles for another project. *shudder* I can't believe I put him in the perfect position to carry out his next plot.

It began with The Greatest's Black Socks. Remember how proud I was that I used the entire skein, that I didn't waste any yarn. I never suspected something deeper was at work.

Then I tried to knit this.

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It's a silk corset for my sister. I knit this bad boy in a WEEK. It fits her like a dream, it is so good. But wait. What's wrong with the right sleeve. It looks...short?

Yup, I ran out of yarn for the second sleeve. An order from Knitpicks will fix that right up. I just thought I'd mis-judged the amount of yarn I'd need for the addition of sleeves, again. I always assume it's me.

But then I knit the River Rapid socks for my Sister-in-Law. I love her. She's always taken an interest in my knitting, even thought I can't convince her to learn to knit. She picked out the sock yarn from my stash, I measured her feet, and my needles were flying. I knit to the toes and guess what? I ran out of yarn. Luckily I had knit the girls some socks from this yarn last year so I had two tiny balls (remember those left-over balls I was complaining about last week) and was able to finish the socks with no further issues. (Picture next week after they have been gifted to the recipient)

So that brings me to the Blue Blob.

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The cat may shun it, but it really is a thing of beauty. I'm using Eunny's border from her Print 'O the Waves Stole for my edging.

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I'm not crazy about it, but it's better than anything I've come up with. I do like how it mimics the curves of the center piece. It kinda ties it all together.

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My problem? I've got two and two thirds of the border done, I've used two balls of yarn. I've got one ball of yarn left. Mathematically I should be fine, I'm pushing it, but I should be fine. But I can feel it in my bones. The border is going to be two inches too short to go all the way around the shawl. I just know it.

I blame this all on Boyd. And to think I GAVE him access to the Blue Blob. How could I be so stupid? He started with the Black Socks, but didn't take enough yarn. He corrected that mistake with the Corset, and River Rapid Socks. I don't know where he's holed up now, but so help me if I have to rip the Blue Blob I will do something terrible to him. Something that makes baby circular needles cry. Boiling Water? Scissors? Acid?

I wonder if the neighbors still have that rotweiler.


Lynda said...

The blue blog is beautiful! Wow- you are living on the edge, yarn-wise, aren't you. That just makes me nervous - will there be enough, will I make it? I can't take the stress!

Bitterknitter said...

Bad Boyd! Bad bad bad! Here's hoping he was satisfied with the little snacks he's pilfered and is hibernating until you finish the Blue Blob. I like the Hilton Lace edging, BTW, I'm doing pillowcase trim for my grandmother in that pattern.

Take care, Mama!


shiguy4076 said...

I love the blue blob. It's beautiful. Want to make one for me. :)

Tam said...

Gorgeous knitting! You really need to do something about that Boyd. I think you should get an addi turbo and just sit and knit with it right in front of him. Yank his cable out and leave him crippled. I hesitate to suggest that you just drop him off at Goodwill. I don't think I want a knitting demon running loose in a neighboring state! Keep him away from me. I'm on a long trend of having WAY TOO MUCH yarn left over after my projects. As irritating as that is, it is a much better thing to deal with than yarn SHORTAGES.

Areli said...

You have to have enough yarn, the blob (it seems wrong to call it that) is too pretty not to have enough!

Katrina said...

When Boyd is too quiet, much like our children, you know something is amiss. I suspect that one day you'll be vacuuming your house and run across his "stash" of pilfered yarn from ALL of your knitted projects, not just the ones that you've discovered. Lengths of yarn that are too long to feel good about throwing away, and too short to make anything with. He will laugh his evil laugh, but deep inside you know he does this because he wants to be just like you. He's admired you with your yarn stash and wants to have one all his own. He loves you so.

candsmom said...

Chinese nail torture? Underwater decompression chamber? Rotweiler seems too tame to take care of Boyd for good... especially if he's been messing with the beautiful Blue Blob!! I'd say capital punishment and then some. ;-) Take care, Mamma! :-)

Chris said...

Sending you Chaotic Anti-Boyd Energy(tm) - I hope it is strong enough...

turtlegirl76 said...

Ah, the saga of Boyd continues. Perhaps some reverse psychology is in order? Pull out your nicest yarn, and *gasp* cast-on using Boyd. Let the yarn linger on him for a little while. The - oops, you don't have enough yarn to make a decent sized scarf, so sorry boyd, but it's back to the pound 'o love for you! That'll teach him.