Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Feeling the Fiber Love

On Saturday we went to the In-Laws for some sun, sand and fun. Just a relaxing day on the water to laugh and surround ourselves with people we love.

Imagine my surprise when I was kidnapped.

I was taken against my will, thrown in the back of a Jeep (well not exactly against my will, once I heard the kids weren't coming I kinda jumped in the back). They drove for what felt like hours (ok, it was 10 minutes) to the middle of nowhere (truth be told it was a house just outside town). I was blindfolded ( they told me to close my eyes) and led into a room (it was more of a , no, wait, that part's true). The room was full of ......YARN.

It was a room just full of bags of yarn. They had been sorted by color, kinda, but that was it. Yarn everywhere. It was just overwhelming skiens and skiens of yarn of every color. Yarn in bag, yarn in totes, yarn in those big tins the Boy Scouts sell popcorn in. My Mother-in-Law has a friend whose Mother was a Knitter. They were cleaning out her home and I told to take as much as I wanted.

trunk o yarn

I was gifted with an overwhelming amount of yarn, needles, and patterns. I am truly blessed.

The children didn't come with us when we got all the yarn, and they didn't notice all the yarn in the trunk, but it caused quite a ruckus when we unloaded the car and brought all the yarn into the house. Meaty and Bird danced around it chanting "Yarn, Yarn." Pork Chop just looked up from her cartoons and asked "What's with all the yarn Mom?" ( I love the way she talks, like she fifteen, makes me laugh as long as she's not sassin' me)

overwhelming yarn

See that turquoise yarn? Right on top. I'm going to make a sweater for Bird with that. And the cream color wool is going to be an Aran sweater. There's sock yarn, and some skiens for cute hats, and ....oh, it's all so overwhelming I don't know where to start. I don't know how to sort, or divide, or store all the yarn. I need to match the yarn up with patterns. There's so much to do. Why am I wasting time on the computer when I could be playing with my new stash?

I think I'm officially on a yarn diet!


Darci said...

so jealous...What a lovely gift. Have fun!

TrixieG said...

That is so awesome. You totally deserve all that yarn. I love that the kids were excited about it, too!

shiguy4076 said...

You have got to be kidding me. I am so jealous.

Anonymous said...

Holy Moley! That's some yarn! hehe I like the kidnapped part LOL!

Yay for you though! I am happy you have yarnage to swim in! hehe! Enjoy it...along with other things coming your way!

Your Cheapy Pal, me!