Thursday, July 06, 2006


I'm not sure, but I think I made some fug.

It started out innocently enough. I saw this post by Marnie Maclean and I was in love. Not with her yarn, or her colors, but with the idea of KNEE SOCKS. I wanted to make some knee socks. I wanted to wear them with my short jean skirt, and some cute shoes (that I'll have to buy) and a cute top (that I'll also have to buy) and look cute. I wanted to knit something I could wear and look cute.

Now we all know I have this out of control stash, so I reached into the sacred garbage bag of yarn. I came up with four skiens of KnitPicks discontinued Sock Memories in Grandma. I figured four skiens should be enough, and it was.

Now Marnie might have been able to knit a knee sock with no leg shaping despite having what she calls a "shapely" leg. But I've got a four inch difference between my foot circumference and my "shapely" leg circumference, so leg shaping was a must. I know this yarn is stretchy, but I don't think it's that stretchy. So I made a gauge swatch, measured, mathed, and knit, and knit, and knit.

And I made two knee socks.

But I'm not sure if cute is the word for them.


I think I might have made some fug.

Not fug?

I think they're fine as normal socks. And don't get me wrong, they would be really cute as little girl eyelet socks. But as knee socks? I can't decide, they might be just a bit...overwhelming? I don't know. As you can see they're still on the needles. I can't decide.

Do I sew them up, or frog them for the girls?


JennyRaye said...

I'm thinking they'd look great with a jean skirt and cute top.

BTW--thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on my Shenandoah Stole. I did finally decide to start over and made a few modifications. Hope to have pics up soon.

Tactless Wonder said...

Not fugly.

I'm thinkin' clogs though...But then again, short jean skirt and them being so long? Doc Martens might look cool too :).

Joufknister said...

I don't know what fugly means, but I think they look great!

strangelittlemama said...

I think they are cute. I'd probably wear a high-ish mary jane with them. You have to be willing to show a couple inches of leg, though. A knee-skimming denim skirt wouldn't do the trick.

Miriam said...

sew them up! They're brighter than I would like in socks that were going to be visible, but why do they have to be visibile?! Wear them under pants or a long skirt, or hell, go for it and wear them with a short skirt! Hell, I wore thigh-high blue and white striped socks under my wedding dress!

Mel said...

I likey.

They would look cute with clogs. And a denim skirt. And a little solid-colored hoodie top.

Let the socks be the statement. :)

Sonya said...

Totally not fug. Sew those babies up!

TrixieG said...

Not fugly! Sew them up - they're adorable!!

mamatulip said...

I love 'em.

turtlegirl76 said...

If the idea is to be able to wear them so you see the whole thing - then yeah, might be a bit much. But if your goal is to have knee socks to wear on cold days, they're cute. And entirely too much work put into them to consider frogging them.

shiguy4076 said...

I like them. They're not fugly but funky. I like Funky. Sew them up.

Darci said...

They are way cute. Oh and I am keeping you in my prayers for that job if it will be the best for you all.

Anonymous said...

Oh please do not frog! They are really cute and like everyone said, great with clogs/jeans, etc.

Enjoy them!! :) Your CASP2 Pal :)

bunchkin said...

So cute! Not fugly at all. Now if they had brown and green sparkly tassels, they would definitely qualify. I say keep them! Thanks for your comment about my dress form, I'm so happy with how it turned out. :-)