Monday, July 03, 2006

Leda's Farewell


And I just love it!

My last home was a hovel. There were cracker crumbs and cereal on the floor, and sticky fingerprints on the walls. There were toys everywhere, constant tripping over Hot Wheels, blocks towers in random places. I couldn't lay in the swing without removing the Barbies from it first. It was noisy and raucous. Sure some of the noises was laughter and love, but some of the noise was screams and fights and just, sigh, sounds of childhood. I'm sure it was one of the seven circles of Hell.

But I have been rescued. Granted a reprieve from the Powers that Be. I'll forever be eternally grateful.

I now reside here.

Rescued to Heaven

Note the tasteful decor, the clean lines, the elegant atmosphere. Note my new Owner lacks all traces of snot or peanut butter on her shirt. Nary a toy or child in sight. But if that wasn't enough....

Oh, the swing

There is a swing. A swing without Barbies, or Legos. A swing with a comfy cushion. Could things get any better? Turns out they can.

Wine on the boat

We live on the Lake. ON THE LAKE. There is a dock ten feet from the swing. There is wine and relaxation on the boat.


There is watching the Sunset on the dock.

This is peaceful.

This is Heaven.

I'm so happy.

I deserve this.

Note: Imagine Leda's disappointment when my children arrive on Thursday to spend a week with Maw-Maw and Paps. I can hardly wait.


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emotional girl said...

what a cute post...thanks for the update of leda :)

Vlyb said...

Love the post! And so glad leda found a home...what a journey!