Friday, June 30, 2006

A Finished Object, just not the one you think

Since the ~*~Cleaning Fairy ~*~ came to visit me I had all this free time that I usually spend cleaning. What's a poor girl to do with all that unscheduled time on her hands? I suppose a good mom would have taken her kids to the park, but, hey, I did that last month*. Instead I plopped my butt down in that butt shaped indentation that has recently grown on my couch and put in another Buffy DVD. In addition to gaining a larger derriere, I finished this.

sweetest little sweater ever

And I've even blocked it!

Pattern: Samantha Sweater size 3 months

Yarn: Shine, before it became Shine Sport in Green Apple, 4 skiens

Needles: Size 4 Addi Turbos, Size 3 Aluminum straights

Modifications: My stitch gauge was larger, but my row gauge was perfect, so a little math was involved. I tried to modify the hem, but that didn't turn out well for anyone. Sometimes it's just a good idea to follow the pattern as written.

Review: This sweater is so freakin' cute I might have to make one for Bird. C'mon, who can resist faux smocking.

feel the faux smocking love

And no one would ever guess how easy this was to knit. I made it in four nights (Started Sunday, but didn't get to knit on Wednesday, so four nights). It's the kind of knitting I love: deceptively easy. Can't wait to see it on the precious recipient. (You didn't really think this was for me did you? No, I don't have anything that I'm trying to tell you). Although if you look closely you'll notice the sweater is missing something......stupid buttons, the bane of my existence. I don't know why I keep making cardigans when I can never find buttons to go on them.

*any statements alluding to gross negligence on behalf of my parenting skills are made in jest and not to be considered grounds for calling CPS. I let my children outside in the sun for an hour each day, just like prison inmate.


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful sweater! Great job on that! Good luck with the buttons! If you are looking for something in particular let me know, I might could find it!

Lynda said...

Wow - that is such a cute sweater! Our new pastor has a baby girl..... hmmm

jaksmom said...

SOOO cute. I love baby girl clothes!

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh how cute! I love the details on it too. But I'm still glad I don't have babies I have to knit for. But I do have toddlers I could knit for if I so chose to. And if I did, I might consider this.

I hate knitting for kids.

Brittany said...

That is adorable! Adorable!

Annie said...

So cute! Putting that link in my baby sweater file, yay!

Joufknister said...

That looks better than the picture they have on the pattern! They should pay you.

Areli said...

Awwww! So cute, I love the smocking.

Zonda said...

Love the color! So cute!

shiguy4076 said...

I love it

Marie said...

Very cute! You're on a roll with that Apple Green!

Katrina said...

Yet another item you've knit that I HAVE to do now. You make it look so good. How do you do that?