Friday, June 02, 2006


My children never cease to amaze me with their thought processes. I'm amazed by what they think, and why they think it. How they can rationalize coloring on the walls, or painting the cat with nail polish. I'm sure the fun factor must be high for some of these things and sometimes I almost wish I could join them in their deviant behavior.

But I will never understand what led to this yesterday.

Meaty was laying beside me on the couch. He was naked because as he put it "I wanted to be naked." Ok, not a big deal. He can run around the house naked, he's still little, and he's housebroken. He's still got that cute, chunky toddler butt.

So we're laying there, I'm on the phone, he's watching tv. Then he suddenly jumps up, grabs his pee-nee, and declares "I'm going to pee on the dog."

He proceeds to chase the dog with his pee-nee.

For the record he didn't pee on the dog, but I have to wonder why he wanted to. What thought process in his little mind led him to the conclusion that this would be a good time to pee on the dog.

I love my kids.


Lynda said...

Too funny! That's the best part of when kids learn to talk - you start to hear all the weirdness that's going on in their minds - and kids are weird - but gotta love 'em!

mama_tulip said...


Katrina said...

Omigosh that was so funny! It's the kind of thing that makes you laugh uncontrollably when you hear about kids doing that, but horrifies you when it's your own kids doing the same thing. Meaty sounds 100% all boy. What cracks me up the most is imagining his mamma chasing HIM chasing the dog and what words transpired there. "Don't you pee on the dog, young man..." Oh the years of fun ahead of you.

shiguy4076 said...

I could just picture meaty doing that. It makes me smile. I just love him and his nudiness.

Tricotine said...

This is funny! LOL
My son did the same thing today but he wanted to pee in the kitchen... What is going through those little heads, huh?