Friday, June 23, 2006

The Green Screen of Death

Evidently the Purveyors of Evil have decided to declare a full on war with me. For the past few days my blog has only shown green with no words, pictures or anything.

Stupid Evil People.

But my spirit is not broken, and neither is my camera. I think my memory card needs replaced, but the camera itself appears to be functioning properly. So evil do-ers, my blog is back, and my camera is working. Operation K1, YO, K2TBL has been successful. Here's proof.

Here is my beautiful birthday girl reading her birthday present.

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She's so happy to be six years old. Just think in a few years she'll be lying about her age just like her mother (only she might be lying to be older, not younger).

Here's my ghetto girl.

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She shoved that hat on her head, grinned and declared "I like mah hat." Why is this kid so sweet?

She also likes Diet Coke with Lime.

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She took a chair from the dining room into the kitchen, pushed it up to the counter and climbed up to reach her contraband coke. Stupid smart children, using chairs to reach tall things. And of course she's so cute standing there guzzling her elicit coke, instead of taking it away from her I run for the camera to take pictures.

Here's my cool kid in his Thomas the Train sunglasses.

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I don't know where he learned the word cool, but no everything is "Mommy, that's cooooool." I don't think I'm prepared to be the parent of a child who is three going on thirteen. I'm not ready for teenagers.

And in a little knitting related news I received this package from my Cheap Ass Secret Pal.

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Inside were all these pretty packages.

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Inside those were these.

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The world's cutest ice cream bowls with spoons, little sharks that exploded into washcloths when they got wet, candy for me and The Greatest, Sweater storage bags, and a box of rolls for coins (believe me when I say I really needed that box). Not to mention some very yummy yarn! A ball of Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine, and a skein of Knitpicks Shimmer in Stained Glass. Two things I adore, cotton and Knitpicks. Do I have to knit them or can I just sit around and rub them against my cheeks? And that tiny foot? That already belongs to me, or more appropriately Bird.

Thank you so much Secret Pal. I loved my package.

In real knitting news I'm nearly done with my IK Eyelet Chemise, I've just got the sleeves to finish and they're short cap sleeves, shouldn't take more than a day. I've only got two pattern repeats and I'll be finished with my Knitpicks Candle Flame Shawl. I'd show pictures of my WIP, but The Greatest has gone fishing, and the camera has gone with him. Think of how much knitting I'll get done in the next four days without him around to distract me and make sure I'm doing things like washing the dishes, or running the laundry, or feeding the children. By the time he returns Monday night I should have some FO's to photograph and display on Tuesday.

So take that Evil Doers.


Lynda said...

What a great Secret Pal package! and, as always.... those cute, cute kids of yours! Love the Diet Coke sneaker - a girl after my own heart!

Enjoy your 4 days of letting the dishes pile up (my favorite part)!

turtlegirl76 said...

6 years old! My they grow up fast. Looks like she had a great day!

"I love mah hat" - heh, that sooo matches the pick. How cute!

Bitterknitter said...

So glad to see you back! The green screen of death had me worried that the purveyors of evil had taken retribution for your protest! P2togtbl!

Love the hat!


Areli said...

Yay! I am so glad your blog is back up. :-)

Your little ghetto girl is so cute! I love that picture.

Anonymous said...

Cutest kids! Glad you liked your goodies!! Geesh..first your camera, then your blog...

Things are looking up..especially now with your upcoming knitfest!!

Have a great weekend! :)
Cheap sunshiney Mamma