Thursday, June 29, 2006

A miracle or a sign of the apocalypse?

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Hmmm...A sink full of clean dishes.

Is this really bloc-worthy?

Ordinarily no. I do the dishes all the time. No Biggs. Happens almost every day.

The keyword in that sentence is "I". "I" do the dishes all the time.

But these dishes?

I didn't do them.

I didn't even ask anyone else *cough*The Greatest*cough* to do them.

I went out last night on a super secret mission and came home late.

I got up this morning prepared to clean the house and do the dishes. There are people coming over this afternoon and I don't want them to realize how I actually live. I want them to think I live in a nice clean organized house (shhhhhh, I've so got people snowed on this one, as long as they never go in my basement my secret is safe).

But I wandered into the kitchen and found a clean stove. Counters were wiped off. Dishes were scrubbed. But it doesn't end there. The toys in the living room were all picked up. The bikes that are being stored in the dining room due to rain (but ridden all over the kitchen) were put away. The carpet might even have been vacuumed. Everything is done, I just need to make the beds.

It's a Thursday miracle. I don't know how this happened. I've heard of this but I've never actually met anyone who actually had this happen to them: I've been visited by the ~*~CLEANING FAIRY~*~.

I've gotta run downstairs and see if they did anything in the basement.

Some laundry perhaps?


Sonya said...

Oh, the Cleaning Fairy! I so need the Cleaning Fairy. ;o)

Pyewacket said...


Someone's gettin' lucky tonight.... ;-)

Areli said...

WooHoo! I need to get a Cleaning Fairy for myself :-)

The Purloined Letter said...

Yep--send the fairy this way when you finish thanking it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! That cleaning fairy needs to make the rounds!! :) Goody for you though!! :)