Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Behind the scenes at a photo shoot

Meaty wasn't too sure about having his picture taken in his new hat.

Not sure about this

"Why does she always do this?"

When in doubt make a silly face.

Silly face phase I

"If I ruin the picture maybe she'll leave me alone."

Or two

Silly face phase II

"Sometimes the scrunched face works better."

Once he got started he couldn't stop laughing


"Alright this is kind of fun, but don't tell her that."

Then he lost interest

What's that over there

"Do I hear Elmo?"

And he wandered away.

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"I don't know about you lady, but I'm out of here."

Pattern: No pattern, just your basic roll brim hat based on his head measurements.

Yarn: 1/2 skein Malabrigio

Needles: size 6 circulars, 16 inches, bamboo

Modifications: None since there wasn't a pattern.

Review: I'm in love with this hat. When I went stash diving the only blue boy yarn I found that wasn't already ear-marked for a sweater was the skein of Malabrigio. When I was first gifted with the Malabrigio I dreamed of a one skein wonder. But I never got around to buying the pattern. You know how that goes sometimes. I decided the yarn could be sacrificed for a warm hat for my son, besides I wanted a One Skein Wonder with longer sleeves, and for that you needed two skeins. So the yarn was destined to be a hat.

Where do I begin to speak of the yarn? This yarn is DREAMY. So soft, it flows through your fingers. Perfect stitch definition. Makes the most beautiful fabric. The more I knit the hat, the more I started to resent my son and his need for a boy hat, denying me my One Skein Wonder. Why couldn't he just wear a pink hat like everyone else. It was a plot I tell you. A plot to keep me from having a nice something from such yarn perfection. H must have hid all the other "Blue Boy Yarn", leaving me with only the Malabrigio for his hat. Such a devious deceitful little boy. Stealing my yarn. He was ruining my life I tell you. RUINING MY LIFE.

Then I got back in touch with reality.

The hat is a smidge too long, because I couldn't bear to stop knitting with this yarn. It was especially nice after the evil pink slubby acrylic. I vow to someday own enough Malabrigio to make a sweater for ME. It really is yarn perfection. In the meantime, he has a very nice, warm, blue boy hat.


Katrina said...

Sweet hat and even sweeter boy.

Lynda said...

LOVE the pics! Such a cutie *<:o)

I MUST get me some of that yarn perfection!

Zonda said...

What a ham!! He's so cute and seems to like posing for you..well at the end! :)

Oh yeah, nice hat! That is beautiful stitch defination there!!

Kim said...

So cute! Is he like my kid who will wear the hat inside but refuses when it's time to go bye~bye? You know *outside* where it's actually meant to be worn? LOL!