Thursday, December 14, 2006

FESS UP!!!!!

The Greatest went to get the mail today. I was expecting some yarn in the mail, so I was unsurprised when I saw him return with a squishy looking envelope. Shunning what I knew was an envelope containing the cable bill, I eagerly grabbed it from him (don't judge me and my yarn greed) only to discover the envelope was a bit, well, flat. I remember thinking the yarn must be unballed to be this flat. But why would someone send me unballed yarn. What the heck was in it? I opened it to discover not yarn, but this

Cutest Freakin Shirt EVER!

How cute is this? *squeal* I love it. But there was no information at all about it's origin. The return address was I went to the website and discovered that the shirt is called "Yarn Core." This is what they say about it:

"What does it mean to be hardcore about something? We think it has nothing to do with fighting and everything to do with knitting your own socks."

Yes, I am Yarn Core.

The explanation of the shirt makes me love the shirt all the more.

So....does anyone care to tell me where this shirt came from?

Well, to whoever sent the shirt. Thank You! I absolutely adore it!


Katrina said...

What a cute shirt. Wish I'd have thought of sending it to you, but it wasn't me.

Squishy envelope surprises are the best!

Zonda said...

Sorry, wasn't me, but you should bet getting yours soon! Love the shirt!!

shiguy4076 said...

That shirt is so cool. Whoever sent it has awesome taste. Shi