Monday, December 04, 2006

Give me a minute

I'm still basking in the success of my sweater.

Mesmerized by the lace

So I'm sure you will all forgive me if I take one more day to rest on my laurels and just admire my handiwork before I jump to new things.

I swear you people are like vultures, never happy with what you have. Always wanting something new. You keep me on my toes like that.

I have been taken to task by a certain Grandparent concerning the recent lack of children on my blog, so to appease the restless Grandpa here's a pictorial story from this weekend.

The Greatest's Brother was in town with his wife. So we took them hiking, one of our new favorite things to do.

Ready to hike

Pork Chop on a rock

Pork Chop climbed on a rock for a photo op. My pretty girl. She's getting so big, I can hardly bear it. I keep asking her not to grow, but you know how children are, they never listen. I now know why my own Mom always talked of tying bricks to our heads.

Now check out Bird in the corner of the picture. Always the me-too child, never one to miss out on something the older children were doing, Bird needed a photo on a rock as well.

Not quite right

Only this rock turned out to be too....honestly I don't know what was wrong with the rock, but she didn't like it. This one was more her style.

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Then in a rare moment of solidarity, they all had their picture taken.

Happy Children

Since an even such as this only happens when the moon is in the house of mars, mercury is in retrograde, a goat has given birth to a kid with two heads, and a cat has walked in a circle backwards, I may have to frame this picture.

We hike to the dry waterfall bed. The little pool had evaporated to half it's size from last month, exposing rocks we used to climb to the upper levels of the falls. It was very cool and a good time was had by all.

All that hiking made for one tired Bird.

Sleepy Bird

Oh how I love the baby sling!

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Kim said...

I LOVE your sweater!

And you're right about the sling...instant cure for a cranky, sleepy little person!