Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Combining both worlds

Man, 22 comments on my brown sweater, but not a single one about my cute kids. I understand that this is a knitting blog, and when you come here you expect to see some fine-ass knitting. I do, I get that. I'm a fairly steady knitter, so I can churn out finished objects on a fairly regular basis. You come here to see sticks and string, not my toddlings. You want the money shots.

But you must understand, my gentle reader, that I have violently ripped my children from the loving bosom of their Grandparents, dragging said children across the country. If I don't offer up some token pictures to said Grandparents every once in a while, I fear my Christmas presents may be dismal and filled with coal instead of yarn, or this book (hint, hint).

But I love you all so much. I want everyone to be happy. Therefore I must find a way to incorporate my children into my knitting. A way that pleases everyone. I think having them serve as props to display the knitting might be one way to go. An example would be this picture.

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The picture is really of the washcloth. But notice how nicely it sits on Meaty's head. I could artfully drape many of my knitted things on the children.

Or I could stick the children in the background of pictures, like set props.

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See how the real focus of the picture is the brown sweater. But there Bird is in the corner, looking small, and cute, and slightly startled. That might be enough Bird to feed the Grandparent's need.

Or I could just knit for my kids, allowing both the knitted item, and the child in the knitted item to share center stage together.

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Pattern: Twisty Curls Hat

Yarn: No name clearance acrylic from Wal-Mart

Needles: 16 inch Size 6 circular needles, and size 6 dpns

Modifications: This hat was entirely too small, so I had to cast on more stitches, and make it longer.

Review: I first saw this hat on Bunchkinknits, and my goodness, isn't her version cute? If I had been reading closely I would have seen that she too had sizing issues, but I was mesmerized by the cute daisy. I wanted an adorable pink hat for my daughter too.

When the cold front set in, it was the perfect excuse to stash dive and knit a pink hat. So into the stash I dove, and I came up with some sickeningly pink yarn, but Pork Chop loved it. I was going to make this hat for Bird, but Pork Chop insisted it was hers. I absolutely hated the yarn. It was novelty yarn, 100% acrylic. It was sticky and squeeky on the needles. It from very thick to very thin, then back to thick, making gauge impossible. I can't imagine what fit of insanity made my buy it. I've got five more skiens of it for goodness sake. I'm entirely too much of a perfectionist to enjoy the lumpy fabric it produced. But the hat does look cute on Bird. She likes it.

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So it was all worth it.


emotional girl said...

Adorable children in your knitting. I for one love seeing pics of your offspring...bring it on.

Have been thinking about you lately, how are you doing with the upcoming holidays?(hugs)

Pyewacket said...

FWIW, I read your blog BECAUSE of your children. I like to torture myself by reading other knitting mommies' blogs and wondering how in Heaven's name they get so much knitting done with kids around. ;-)

shiguy4076 said...

I always love seeing pictures of your children. They are adorable and I love them. Your knitting is just a added bonus :)

Katrina said...

Don't change anything about the way you write your blog. I love seeing pictures of your kids. They are too adorable for words.

Lynda said...

I'm ALWAYS loving the Pork Chop, Meaty and Bird pics! I should comment on them more because, actually, I am a little disappointed when they are scarce!

PS - the sweater is stunning, too.

Bliss said...

Wow - cute kids AND awesome knitting!

Zonda said...

Ooops!! I thought that went without saying! ;) We always love to see the kids, I just love their names ;) too!