Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't hate me because it's warm outside

Don't hate me. But it is supposed to be 86 degrees today. 86! While much of the nation is still bitterly cold, some parts covered with snow, I am cheating Mother Nature. And The Greatest is filling the swimming pool. But don't feel sad. Its not all good news. You can take heart in the thought that when you are finally basking in the nice warm sun I will be huddled in my house with the shades drawn and an electric bill so high I'll contemplate selling Sweet Pea to pay it, desparately trying to keep cool because going outside will feel like entering the fourth ring of hell. Experience has taught me that in life there is always a downside. But for the moment there is still enough Middle-American in me to feel slightly naughty having such nice weather in February. I feel gidy and slightly sad at the thought that another winter has passed without the hint of snow. I feel awe at the thought that it is February and winter has passed. I got a sunburn yesterday sitting outside reading to the children. See, there is always a downside.

Another downside to all the fabulous weather is I don't feel like knitting. I feel like walking with the kids while they ride their bikes. I feel like taking a nap with the breeze blowing the freshly washed curtains in my bedroom. I might try being a southern belle. I feel like drinking lemonade and fanning myself like a true southern belle. Or do southern belles drink mint juleps? I should find out what a mint julup is just in case. And just for good measure, I'd better learn to bat my eyelashes and blush now that I'm thinking about it. Becoming a southern belle is starting to sound like a lot of work. Maybe I should just become a gritty southwestern babe. Do I need to learn to chew tabacco and spit for that? See there's so much I want to do. But playing with wool? Not so much. It's a good thing a have a back-log of finished knits to show off. On deck today? Grandma's Stole!


Pattern: Print O' The Wave Stole

Yarn: Patons Beehive Fingering 3-ply, 100% wool

Needles: Size 4 Addi Lace

Modifications: None, I even knit the two sides separately and grafted them in the middle. I'm so proud.


Review: Another win! The fact that this was a Christmas present and she opened a box with a half-knit shawl does detract a little from the memory. A happy Grandma on Christmas morning with her shawl would have been nicer. But in my defense I was hideously pregnant and the edging took an eternity to knit. I just couldn't get it done by Christmas morning. But that is my issue, not yours. The fact of the matter is the shawl is done. It is gorgeous. It is thin and lacey and delicate, all the things a lace stole should be. And Grandma is happy, wrapped in love. That is what matters.


And just so you don't send a lynch mob after me. Today's Baby Sweetness: Got Milk?



shiguy4076 said...

I love your print o waves stole. Remember when I tried to knit it. Your's is beautiful. Sweet Pea is so darling. Natalie just love seeing her.

Bezzie said...

Gorgeous stole! And there's no waaaaay I'd trade that weather for the 19 degrees we've got. Been there done that, have the bitterness to prove it--hee hee! Just hope you don't get the vapors!

Stephanie said...

FYI, it's 67 here right now where I am!!! FINALLY, but snow tomorrow, BOOOOOOOOOOOO

Stephanie said...

What sux, we're under a BLIZZARD warning right now, expection 10-14 inches of snow today and tomorrow! Aren't you glad you don't live in Ohio anymore! LOL