Monday, February 25, 2008

Thank Goodness for Spell Check


See this sweet face. So tiny. So innocent. So evil. The Tiny Terrorist has declared full on war. I'm not sure what I have done to make her so angry. Am I not eating enough chocolate? Am I not using the right diapers? Or does she merely hate the comfy sleepers I insist on dressing her in because they look so, well, comfy? I can not determine the reason, but I do know I have done something to incur her wrath. And her method of torture? Extreme sleep deprivation. I know I have mentioned this before, but she really stepped it up last night, waking every fifteen to twenty minutes. She was so gassy. I didn't think baked potatoes could cause such gas in a breastfed infant. I know that soon this will all be a foggy memory, but in the meantime I wish I could write coherent sentences and remember how to spell words like incur.

There has been knitting. I have been unusually productive. The Greatest is working the nights and weekends shift. I know as a cop there is more going on during the nights and weekends, so he is very happy. I'm an very tired. He is always working or sleeping. And I now have the added duty of trying to keep the children quiet while he is sleeping. A Herculean task. I'd dare say it is against the laws of the universe for my son to use an indoor voice. I'm pretty sure they forgot to include a quiet setting on him. I wonder if it is too late to return him as broken. It's a good thing The Greatest is a heavy sleeper. I'm burning the candle at both ends between nights with the Terrorist and days with my other children and it was starting to show. So during his last few days off The Greatest did everything while I got to sit and knit and nurse the baby. He did dishes, vacuumed the floor, fed the children. It was heaven. I swear I need to get myself a full-time "House Husband." Note to self *Buy lottery ticket so I can afford a House Husband, and possibly have money to bribe the Terrorist.* I knit only small things so I have lots of knitting to show off, but I must first finish unveiling the Pirate hats. Someday my blogging will catch up to my real life and I will show things as I knit them instead of weeks after the fact. Now without further ado: We Call Them Pirates!


Pattern: We Call Them Pirates

Yarn: Knit Picks Telemark, 1 skein Snow Leopard
Elann Devon, 2 skeins pumpkin, held double stranded

Needles: 2 Size 3 circular needles (Addi Turbos to be specific)

Modifications: I knit the liner first and used it as a knitted in hem rather than knitting it after the fact and sewing it in place. So much easier this way.


Review: I love this pattern. It is so much fun to knit. Have I mentioned how much I'm loving stranded knitting right now? And it is always well received. I'm sure this won't be the last pirate hat I knit. I've already been asked to knit more. And for you knitting perverts, here's the inside.


Can you see the grey skulls? Pretty cool isn't it!


shizzknits said...

Love the baby and the hat. I really like your color choices for the hat- the grey n red looks really nice.

turtlegirl76 said...

Aww. I hope you get some sleep soon! The hat turned out great!

Bezzie said...

Man, how could such a cute little face keep you awake so much? ;-)

I dig that hat. Gray skulls...hee, you're bringing me back to childhood.

taffi said...

the more I read, the more I realize what a sacrifice these hats were for you! you are amazing, my dear.

he still loves the hat, btw.